Ramblings and Aspirations of a Butterfly!

When I first started writing this blog, it was a bit of fun, somewhere to put my thoughts down and share with whoever might be interested or nobody depending how well it went. But it has become something more for me, its still a place for me to share my thoughts and adventures with, but its evolved into something to give me back a bit of myself.

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A Night at the museum

If you follow me on instagram/facebook/twitter you may have seen a few weeks ago, we got to experience something wonderful. We got the chance to have a sleepover at Dorset County Museum in Dorchester with Dippy the Dinosaur, YES, you read that write, THE DIPPY from the National History Museum.

If I was a power tool, where would I be?

So, my questions for the day: What did we do before power tools? Am I ever going to get anything done? Should I jus wait until the weekend for Mr BC’s return? And finally, if I was a drill where would I hide? All valid questions that will get me nowhere on my DIY journey, but every now and then, we all just need a good moan! 

Easter Holidays Part Two

So Mr BC took the kids out in a convertible, let them get sand all over my carpet and taught poppet to ride her bike! Could I top that? Did I want to? Was this a competition? HAHA! It was actually really nice as Mr BC was still off work for the second week too, so we got to spend the whole week as a family and that rarely happens so it was amazing! 

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