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Hello! My name is Tina and I am 32 years old. But I think whatever is supposed to happen to you every year that makes you age an extra year, hasn’t worked on me for a long time. Some days, I still feel 5, 15, 18, 21, depending on what I have going on at that moment in time.

I am quite happily married, although if you ask either of my children, they will probably tell you differently, because apparently, we argue all the time! Which is probably quite true, silly little arguments, that are actually quite fun, and we enjoy to make up! 😉 We’ve been together for a long time, I was still in school when we first got together. I am a big believer in; if you find things to argue about, you obviously still care what each other thinks! So if you listen to our children, we still care… a lot!

On to the children, I have two of them!  A boy, we affectionately call Little Monkey, who will be 7 at Christmas, and my little girl aka little poppet or princess depending on how she is behaving, is 5 in a few weeks, and has just started school! Oh and one more child, my first and most loyal of beings, my dog Dixon. I’ve had him since we moved to Somerset a long time ago, when we were first married and I was all alone, as my Naval Husband was drafted all over everywhere, (read ‘abandoning wife’). Dixon kept me company and sane! He was a rescue, he had been abandoned in a field and was taken to a rescue near where I am from. I fell in love instantly and he is a dream. At that point, I had heard some horror stories about rescue dogs, but not my boy! He is a gentle giant, and great with the kids. I couldn’t ask for a better boy.

I like to try my hand at all sorts of crafts, I like to go places with the kids, I really like organising the kids parties and making lots of homemade games, cakes, and everything to a theme. But more than anything I love to read, anything and everything. I am not saying I always enjoy every book I read but I will always give a book a go. I love to share books with my children, my friends, my family, random people in the street… 😀

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I am also hoping to work on my own little start up box subscription in the future, its still early days, but if you would like to follow my little journey and see how I get on, please check out my new webpage https://athenabooks.wordpress.com

Hopefully, I will be putting some more information on this webpage as soon as the market research stage is over. Fingers crossed for me would be great! 🙂