Who doesn’t love a good story telling session?

As National Story Telling week draws to a close, I wanted to share with you my children telling me their very one made up stories.

If you follow me on any of my social media’s, my apologies you will have seen this already but both stories are just too good not to share on here.

My children have inherited my love of reading, which I am hugely grateful for, but they both also have wide imaginations, again much like myself. Monkey especially borders on overactive imagination which I can also relate too. So when I told them about national story telling week, and how it’s important to tell people the stories we have in our heads, don’t keep them to yourself, share them with others. Let friends and family hear your stories, feel the excitement you feel when you imagine a new world or escape on an adventure. They couldn’t wait to give story telling a go.

So without further ado… monkey and poppets story-time….

(I send my apologies, monkey cannot sit still even to tell a story. The differences in my two children are immense but amazing, I love seeing how the pair of them are so similar but so different. Anyway, on with the stories…)

I do hope you enjoyed hearing about the bee and the mermaid that both just wanted to live out their dreams. Obviously, the children were both feeling positive vibes, and I guess they do listen when I tell them to just try their hardest and try to reach for their goals and never give up. It’s nice to hear stories with such a positive theme to them. I was very happy with their stories and happy they both gave it ago. I hope you enjoyed listening to them as much as I did. They would love to hear your opinions, so please comment below.

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