House of nearly finished, undecorated rooms of love.

We have been in our house 3 years now, and it is still a half finished draft of what I want it to be. Partly due to time/money/inclination and partly because of my personality traits leaning towards fickle, I intend to move soon so I don’t necessarily want a perfect house and then we have to move. But on the same note, I really would like to have more than one finished room. ☺️

We have a lot of rooms, half finished / unfinished, photo frames with ‘stock’ families in, Bathroom accessories in a bag as I don’t want to add them to an unfinished room, paint cans everywhere and every room is sort of chaotic. And my question for the days is this: Is this normal for a “grown up” or am I failing? Am I even a real grown up? 😂

The house is not still in boxes, so I sort of feel like I’ve achieved something there, and other than when the kids take over it, my living room is wonderfully decorated. I wanted one room, we could retire to in the evenings, and it be completed and mostly tidy. And I think that is my issue, my life is chaotic and probably always will be and I generally love it that way, so as long as I have one room that is normal and semi-peaceful, this is all I ask. But I still feel maybe I haven’t accomplished much in our house, and I’m not sure that is “normal”.

So today, we started on a long journey to sort the house, sort of. We started organising the kids playroom, it’s still got a way to go but at least we can get the hoover in there now, a few trips to the recycling centre and that room might just be good to play in again.

Next, I have my sights set on the kitchen. We have too many pots, pans and kitchen doodads, that we just don’t use and take up space we really need. It could do with redecorating too, but I don’t trust myself to do any of that, so all of the decorating is put on hold until Mr BC returns.

I’d like to say screw it, I’ll give it a go. But I just don’t think I have the ability and a half unfinished room or probably still miles better than a decorated by me room. 😂

I will admit I envy people who have beautifully decorated and tidy homes, I follow lots of interior design tags on Instagram, and I love to see a beautiful home, but I don’t see myself posting any of those photos anytime soon. I love a beautifully decorated home and I can see the merits of a wonderfully tidy house but I think my house has a certain level of charm also. I appreciate I have an amazing family, I have a wonderful mum who helps me keep my house alive and clean, without her my house could resemble something from my nightmares. I am blessed to have two beautiful children and my house may be full of toys, and half finished rooms but it’s also full of love.

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  1. Your home is ‘lived in’ lass, don’t worry about it!

    I remember a Flanders and Swann song about the ‘Homes and Gardens ‘ house they had, As far as I remember they ‘carpeted the ceiling and wallpapered the floor – but they didn’t live there, they lived next door’

    When I first moved to Taupo my next door neighbour was a builder. He didn’t finish the kitchen or the cupboards in his house until he he moved out to another house he had built for his wife and I don’t know whether that was finished when they moved in..

    You should see my place (no you shouldn’t, it’s nowhere near how I would like it to be). Yours will be like that and don’t let it trouble you, you have, as company, probably 95% of homes just about the same.

    When you do move and I certainly don’t envy you that, the ‘other’ house will need as much work to sort it out to your satisfaction as this one.

    The worst move I ever had was many years ago in the early 1970s. I was in our far north, a subtropical city called Whangarei. We found after some time that the house was being demolished slowly by Australian Subterranean Termites which eat the wood. We had to move out to a motel for 3 days while the house was fumigated with methyl bromide to kill the insects then we were lent an empty state house literally across the back fence for three months while our place was rebuilt. The house was empty because the piles in one corner needed replacing so it was all on a lean sort of, There was borer in the floorboards, fleas in the borer holes, cockroaches in the kitchen and skinks in the ceilings! Then, three months later, we moved back home. We went through about a dozen cans of insecticide to ensure we had no unwanted ‘passengers’. Whangarei is a lovely place but I certainly couldn’t get on with the insect life up there!

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