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Happy New Year Everybody! If you follow me on social media, I hope you have enjoyed my celebration of literature so far, along with my usual random sharing of family life!

I started this blog because I wanted to take some time for myself, and I’ve always loved to write and it felt nice having an outlet for some of my creativity. At first, I wasn’t really fussed if people even noticed or read my blog, I simply enjoyed the time I took reflecting on the cool things I have done with my family and sharing my love for books through my reviews. As I have continued, I have realised it is so amazing when I get likes or comments, and I do appreciate followers and feeling like someone is reading and might even be interested in what I have to say.

However, I am still a mum first and towards the end of last year, I took a small break just to spend the Christmas period with my family creating some wonderful memories, but I did my miss writing, I missed sharing moments with you all and especially I missed sharing my book reviews. My biggest passion is reading and sharing this passion with the world and hopefully, maybe inspiring others is so important to me.

So today is all about sharing – I love to share my family, adventures and random ramblings with you all. I hope you enjoy those posts, but today is all about my love of literature, books and my favourite authors. Nothing is more relaxing than snuggling down on a Sunday afternoon with a good book.

How much I love a good cup of tea? You cannot have a good book without a good cup of Tea?

As always, my first objective for the year is to set my Goodreads Reading Challenge target, last year I didn’t do so well, so I have really got to put some effort in this year. I have set 50 books this year, which isn’t quite 1 book a week.

Whilst I was thinking about all the books I couldn’t wait to read from my TBR (To be read) pile,or considering which of my already read favourite books I might read again, it hit me that as much as I love discovering books and losing myself in a good book, I enjoy sharing my experience with others just as much as the act of reading itself.

There are so many good books and authors out there, ready and waiting for you all to discover them, so within this I have decided that as much as I possibly can, not only will I be reading and sharing my reviews as normal, but I think we should be celebrating literature and reading. I am lucky that I have children who have taken an interest in my passion for reading and also enjoy a good book, I love getting to read to them and with them. I love to inspire them, encourage them and watch them fall in love with characters and words as I have done.

‘Books are a uniquely portable magic’ ~ Stephen King

Over the coming months, I want to share some of my favourite authors, books and poems with you, have spotlights on classics, literary hero’s and villains, open up discussions about why we love books and why it is so important to pass this love and share these incredible works with others. I love to inspire others to read, or re-ignite a long forgotten spark for a love of reading. To even inspire one person so read a book would be fulfilling and amazing to hear.

An amazing outlet for this, is a book club. I have an online book club, which is really relaxed and very small. But it is a wonderful place to share books, opinions, get ideas for your next book to read, or simply be and know you are in the company of other book lovers. Knowing you share something with others and having that connection is important, especially if like me, you sometimes feel like being a grown up, a mother or new person to an area can leave you feeling like maybe you’ve lost a little of yourself, or lonely or scared. The internet for all its usual little annoyances, has made the world a slightly smaller place, and sometimes seeing that there are other people who share your interests, who feel the same way, can make a huge difference to a persons life.

If books aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you can find groups and clubs for all sorts of everything, and you don’t need to leave your house if you don’t want too. But if you are passionate about something, if you like to share this with people, do it! It’s a wonderful thing, sharing with others.

To kickstart my January of sharing, my love for books and encouraging my community of followers. I am going to hold a book competition/prize draw between my blog and my social media followers. It is going to be to win a copy of one of my all time favourite books, if you have clocked the date and know the literary significance, well done and you will know my favourite book, if not enjoy trying to guess over the next few weeks. Between now and the 28th of January, Aswell as this blog post, I will be sharing a post regarding my prize draw on all my social media accounts and all you have to do is either:

A) signup to follow my blog via WordPress/email etc.

B) like and comment with your favourite book on the Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post.

(If you do it all, you will be put into the prize draw for each outlet, wordpress, Instagram for a maximum of four entries)

On the 28th of January, I will use a random generator to pick a winner, and will be in contact to arrange postage to you. I have never before done a competition, so please be patient with me as I get to grips with it, but As I have many of my own copies of my favourite book, I want to share it with my followers. I am hoping it will encourage the growth of my little community. I want you to feel able to share your favourite things, your passions with me too. Please find their terms and conditions here:

‘ Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!’ ~ Anne Frank

Last year was exciting, tiring, scary and hard at times – to put yourself out there for the world to see – can be quite a challenge and quite daunting. This year I plan to enjoy it more, mostly because I plan to enjoy life more. Yes I have bad days, I have an illness which is an extra challenge and balance work/ life can be a task but overall, I have an amazing life, a brilliant family, some wonderful friends and I am a very lucky lady. I would say I am already a fairly happy go lucky person, I try to keep smiling and focus on the beauty and wonder of the world. I think that’s why I like my butterfly child/peter pan moniker, I like to hope I will always see the world and experience it, with a sort of childlike view, and never grow up properly and forget to see and appreciate the wonderment of the world.

This year, I want to do more and share more – my highs and my lows, my passions, my hobbies, everything. So my final word for today is this:

Not a promise, as an almost full time working mother, I couldn’t promise to write blog posts every day or even to write more, as I wouldn’t want to let anyone down if I couldn’t fulfil this – and even before being a mum, you all know how hard and fast life can be – I wouldn’t want to promise something here and now, and focus all my energies on that and forget/or lose time to do the other things I enjoy. Having a good balance between doing these wonderful amazing things and sharing them is so important to me.

BUT, I do want to recommit to this blog, I want to share my weird and wonderful family with you, take you all on our adventures, I want to have somewhere I can share my random outbursts of opinions, show with you my arts and crafts and mostly share with you my biggest love in life: reading. I want to commit to learning and growing and building a small community with you all. My blog isn’t a dedicated to one thing kind of blog, I don’t have a plan, and I doubt I ever will. I’m not like that as a person and I want my blog to reflect this, I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog and carry on this journey with me. I cannot guarantee a smooth ride, as I am and will probably always be learning, but I hope that you will see my personality shining through and enjoy it regardless. I cannot wait to share this year with you, and I hope I get to know you all a little better too.

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