Onwards and upwards and all that Jazz!

I am not usually one for all of that New Year, New Start business, not because I don’t believe it’s good thing but because if I start something as a fad or because it’s the thing to do, I don’t generally have the willpower to follow it through! 😂

But when it comes to writing for my blog, it is a New Year, and is the perfect time to do a bit of writing. I took a break towards the end of the year, to try to get my life sorted, rest, have fun with my family and friends and just relax and bathe in the festivities of Christmas.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I have been sharing some photos of our festive season, which I hope you have enjoyed but I haven’t found the time to do much writing, but in the New Year haze, it finally dawned on, I don’t think I’ll ever get my life ‘in order’ or sorted, as I quite like the semi-organised, chaotic version of my life. I love crazy, sporadic adventures, we will never be a really organised, on time family. It’s not how we are wired and I am ok with this. Yes, sometimes our life is crazy, and it’s tiring and frustrating but mostly it’s fun!

I love sharing on this blog. I like that I can share all of our exploits, I enjoy sharing my concerns and worries, and knowing that someone else out there is probably feeling the same and hopefully won’t feel alone anymore, I love that I get to share my loves and passions. Having a social outlet is amazing, and I hope to keep growing my blog in the coming year.

Mostly I look forward to connecting with you, my followers more over the next year. As much as I like to write, I love to communicate, I love nothing more than connecting with people, hearing stories and travelling the world without leaving my room. (I mean l love to actually travel too! 😂 but you get me). So please comment, message me, follow me on my other accounts, but please get in touch!

Just in case you missed it, here is a quick photo catch up of my ChristmaS.


  1. There is something about a wintertime Christmas that is missing in this neck of the woods! Sure, it can be warm and sunny (although warm, my Christmas Day was pouring rain until late in the day when we had a barbecue under the eaves). When I was a kid and lived further north than you, we mostly had snow and ice. Your cold weather is right for a big roast dinner and Christmas Pudding, it’s a bit stodgy for here and a lot of people wait until the middle of our winter in late June or july to have a ‘proper’ Christmas Dinner.

    Your tree is wonderful! Big and takes up a lot of room, it would be a big job decorating it but it really does make Christmas feel like Christmas doesn’t it? From all your photos, I can see you all had a wonderful time, Take care and look after yourselves, keep warm and safe.

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    1. I absolutely love the idea of Christmas in July and if I thought I could get away with it, I would definitely be up for it, but I can’t imagine Nick would let me. Never witnessing a summer Christmas, so I can’t really comment but I’m not sure it would be the same for me. I do love Christmas though. I love to get in the spirit and I try to keep that alive all year, obviously not the the presents and decorations but the more important things Christmas brings: kindness, love, warmth, being with family and friends.

      If you ask my friends, I am a bit of a Christmas elf, i get very into Christmas. But I hope they would also tell you that I try to keep an upbeat attitude all year long and help bring a little happiness and magic all year round. That’s my hope anyway.

      Thank you for your kind words, I love my Christmas tree. We have gone for a ‘I’m dreaming of white Christmas’ theme this year, as I adore Bing Crosby and especially the film white Christmas more so than holiday inn.

      Do you have a favourite Christmas film or song?


  2. Yes, a summerime Christmas is ‘different’ although we do try to do all the normal Christmassy things, trees, carols, Santa and everything. We have Santa Parades usually fairly early in December. Wellington and Auckland have very big ones. here in Taupo we have a ‘Taupo size’ parade on the 1st Saturday in December. Some of the hotels and restaurants will have a traditional Christmas Lunch, with turkey, ham, roast veges, Christmas Pudding and all the trimmings but you have to book in early for that and it can come expensive! This is a holiday town so we are always very busy then and as I work in the tourism industry, it is bedlam!. We have our own Christmas Tree in New Zealand, the Pohutukawa which comes in to flower over Christmas, masses of bright rscarlet flowers. It is seni-tropical tree found on the coast generally north of a line from Taranaki on the west coast and Gisborne on the east coast.
    Samuel Marsden, a missionary held the first Christmas celebration in 1814 and in 1833, Henry Williams another missionary preached under a pohutukawa tree.

    We have a New Zealand Carol.’Te Harinui’ which is lovely and one of my favourites, here is a link to it
    As far as movies are concerned, it is hard to beat Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ from 1954 (I think), the song itself is from the early 1940s – that may show my age!

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    1. Well that all sounds absolutely wonderful! I shall have a listen to the song after I finish work! It’s still the Christmas season for me as the kids haven’t gone back to school yet.

      You’re absolutely correct – 1942 to be exact for the song and yeah 1954 for the film. Although the song was rereleased maybe 10 times over the years and it is a huge seller still now. It’s a classic and I love Bings voice – he didn’t start the crooner phase of for nothing. I think it just sums up a proper Christmas song for me xxx


  3. I must remember NOT to hit the return key when I leave a reply! Favorite Christmas song – goes back to school days – Silent Night. Likely, I like this so much because we learnt it in 3 part harmony as a class … something quite unusual for a lot of young kids to do. We had a super teacher and I just loved the sounds all coming together and the gentleness of a perfectly calm night. ‘All is well’ a moment of peace for all on the planet. So lovely to see happy kids and share in the excitement of Christmas.

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    1. It’s better that way than what I do! I write messages to friends and forget to press send all the time. And then I moan that I haven’t had a response and it’s because I never messaged them in the first place.

      I like silent night and we have performed that in a round too! I like do you hear what I hear as that is similar too.
      Although my favourite Xmas hymn (not song) is O Holy Night and Once in Royal Davids city joint first I think!

      We had a beautiful Christmas and I miss the festivities but there is something nice about getting back into a bit more normalcy of January. Plus it helps if you quite enjoy your job/school etc. Which I do, so even though I kiss Christmas – I love being back at work too!


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