Wow! Time flies…

Hello lovely people! I had planned on doing this big, crazy celebration of my one year blogging experience! I was going to plan a wonderful post, maybe do a giveaway, shout it from the rooftops that I’ve been writing for a year and loving it! I thought I’ve got about a week to sort something out!

As it’s a Sunday, I’ll have a lie in and have a look over my blog posts to get some ideas for what I can do. And to my absolute horror I have missed my own anniversary! I thought I started my blog around the 14th of October when in reality it was the 1st! Which knowing myself that does seem reasonable – starting a new project at the start of a month rather than half way through does sound sort of like me, but normally I would decide to start something and not finish it for ages so I assumed I had started thinking about a blog at the beginning of October and not actually finished in until the middle! I underestimated myself!!!

What a plonker?! But anyway, I am so thankful for all my readers that have stuck with me! It’s not easy being a working mum to two young children, having hidden health issues and trying to find time to do something for yourself! I am grateful I have started my journey into this little online world where I can share my thoughts, feelings and also meet likeminded people! I cannot wait to involve myself more and do more writing and research and really dig into this blogging community!

I am hoping to still do my hurrah post! But as I am ridiculously unorganised it may be a little later than my first year! 😂

Whilst I am celebrating my achievements, i thought I’d get them all out! I also reached my one year at my work this week, I haven’t celebrated that either as my boss was off enjoying herself around Canada for two weeks, lucky girl! And I really enjoy my job, its a nice play to work at, I’ve made some wonderful friends and I have a great boss, I didn’t want to celebrate without her! So celebrations have been put on hold until her return this week!

It’s been a challenge being on my own at work, challenging but fun! Obviously I can do my job! I’ve been doing it for a year! But it’s actually a really good feeling, knowing I can do it without that unwavering support or safety net you get from your boss/team etc! I know I still had her support even from miles away if I needed it, and I work with some great people who were there if I had any issues I maybe hadn’t come across, but it’s the safety net of my boss not being sat right next to me, me having to make a decision, also people coming to me for help or asking me directly for something was amazing!

The weeks have been hard and a bit tiring but I really enjoyed it and I admit I was a bit scared I wouldn’t be up to the job but I think I did alright! 😊


  1. Yay!!!!!! new password!
    I sure can relate to being a ‘working mom’, when I read your post. So good to celebrate anniversaries; so human and ‘working mom like’, to scramble to meet them. Happy ‘work anniversary’!

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