Our own little Roman Holiday – part three

Hello and welcome back to part three of our Roman Holiday! I wanted to put todays post with my last one, but day three turned out to be quite full of excitement all of its own and day four, well I knew day four was also going to be exciting! So without ado:

Day four – Friday (and a very special trip that poppet was so excited for!)

We headed out early to pick up our rental car! I know driving in Rome! How brave are we, when I say I mean Mr BC. I “forgot” (read:left) my license in the apartment! Mr BC had no problem and fit with Italian drivers like a duck to water, not surprisingly, Mr BC can drive amazingly well everywhere we go! Show off!!!

After a bit of a wait getting the car sorted, we were off on our Italian adventure. Driving through the glorious landscape of Tuscany, and it was glorious! I still don’t think our Italian craving has been satisfied, we may be back again in the future!

We happily drove for a few hours and finally we got to behold the wonderful spectacle that is in the heart of Pisa: of course, the Leaning Tower. Poppet was so excited, she looked like she might burst.

So excited!
So excited to be seeing the Leaning Tower of Pizza! (“Mummy I know its Pisa, but I am going to say Pizza, because you know, we’re in Italy!”) Love her!
Pisa Shot
The “stand in front of the view and smile guys” photo!
Cool Monkey
I wish I was as cool as my son!!
Poppets big adventure
Poppets Big Pisa adventure
Its definitely leaning!


The Leaning Tower of Pisa
So many people said its not worth the trip! I disagree! We loved it! The Leaning Tower is worth a look!
Poppet posing
She normally loves a good photo but she was so excited to be here, she hardly every look at the camera! Eyes full of wonder at Pisa!
Pisa posing
It had to be done! We had to get this shot!
No one is as cool as Poppet on a photo!
No one is as cool as Poppet on a photo!

Im as tall as the tower!

Butterfly flying free in Pisa! I loved it!
Finally, she’s seen what she came for, so i can get a beautiful shot! Beautiful!

Once we had our fill of Pisa and some food, we headed off back to Rome! We had planned on going to the Pinnochio Theme park, but getting our car took a while so we had a delayed start and then we enjoyed Pisa so much we stayed for much longer than I thought we would, we didn’t have time. So instead we took a slow drive back to Rome – along the coastal road! It was worth the detour and slightly longer drive!


Day 5 – Saturday

We still had the car today, so we headed off into Italy. Originally we were supposed to be going to find the nearest beach, after all our walking, museums and soaking up of the culture. We thought a nice day at the beach is what we needed. As you all know i love to read, and probably have one too many books about Italy. Within this beautiful book, I found a lake resort near Rome that looked beautiful and so I talked everyone in trying this lake instead of the beach! And it was worth it on so many levels. So on Saturday, we headed off to Lake Bracciano. A hidden, beautiful part of Italy about an hour (30 odd miles – Mr BC is telling me!) from Rome. To say it was the peal of summer, I think it still a relatively hidden gem of Italy, as it wasn’t too busy! In fact it was perfect!

This evening, we thought we would try a new restaurant! We really, really wished we hadn’t bothered! I didn’t enjoy the food, the kids didn’t really either. Mr BC and Mamma Butterfly didn’t mind it. But we did all agree on one thing! The price was ridiculous! For the same sort of food we payed double we had done every or other night, and the food wasn’t better! But never mind, it was still a wonderful day and me and the kids enjoyed a bit of Italian Snap chat – same as English just in Italy! Haha!

Pulling faces
Pulling faces waiting for food
Back with the littlies!
Back with the littlies! Trying out a new restaurant! (Wish we hadn’t bothered! Didn’t enjoy it and cost us a small fortune! ☹️)

Pulling faces waiting for food

And heres some hilarious videos of Poppet as you have never seen her! Oh how we love a good snapchat!


I hope you are enjoying seeing some of our special memories from out Holiday. We only have a few more days to go, but they are still filled lots of fun and happy memories for us. Stay tuned for more!


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