Our own little Roman Holiday

Buonasera! Good Evening!

It has been a few weeks coming but with us taking our holiday earlier in the summer holidays; the kids being off; me being back at work and putting in extra hours so I could take a couple more days off at the end of the holidays, I just haven’t found much time to write as I would have liked too. I love writing my blog, and I love that is has inspired me to do so much more wonderful things with my family and children. I am learning everyday to try to say yes more to things, as I really meant when I said I wanted more kaleidoscope adventures. The downside to this living life, is not having as much time to write up about it afterwards. But I am not giving up, I just need to take some time for myself and hope you will forgive me if sometimes my posts are delayed. And finally you can enjoy seeing some of our wonderful captured moments from our holiday to Rome.

roman forum.jpg
Our apartment was a stones throw from the colosseo and the roman forum

I don’t think I will ever give up writing my blog, I know I don’t have huge followers but I am ok with this, as I enjoy writing for myself, and as I say it has inspired me to want to do more, live more and enjoy myself more. I love that I possibly am sharing my adventures, thoughts and ideas with others though, and hopefully inspiring you all to go out and find adventures of your own.

31st July – 7th August 2018 – Rome, Italy (with a trip to Pisa for Poppet)

Mamma Butterfly and myself went to Rome back in 2008 and fell in love with Italy! We have wanted to return but having two small children, a city break especially one with so much culture, art, architecture and academia as Rome, we thought it may not be the most appropriate family holiday for us yet. I did not bank on having two especially amazing children though! Who take after me so much, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. They, of course, do love a good play on the beach, or swim in a pool and playing with toys like every other child. But, they also love looking around old houses, discovering castles, and hearing all the stories that come with these unique places. They both love to learn and love exploring. So over a year ago when Monkey started learning about the seven wonders of the world, he started to discover that travelling abroad might be fun and he heard about the Coloseum in Rome, and for the next year he asked when we could go. I like every other parent, thought long and hard, would there be enough to keep them entertained, would this really be on the top of his holiday list a year from now?! I did some research, we talked about Rome with the kids and what it would have to offer them and when some months later, they both still liked the idea of it, we went ahead and booked it. In the mean time, my very smart, very techie savvy children googled Italy and Poppet decided as we was in Italy, we also needed to visit Pisa, as she was desperate to see the leaning tower.

The countdown began.

And now looking back all my worries and woes, were for nothing, The children were amazing, we had a beautiful, engaging, exciting holiday full of adventure, stories, history and fun.

I get a little snap happy and took lots of photos so I am probably going to have a run  of blog post about our trip:here is part one of our Roman Holiday! Enjoy!

Day 1 – Our arrival did not go as seamlessly as planned. Even though we read some terrible reviews about Ryanair, we hoped they were inaccurate. They weren’t! Terrible delays, no communication and they almost lost our baggage but finally hours later than planned we arrived and we were all thankfully still really happy!

I of course, being scared to fly did not enjoy myself. I am not just a little scared, I guess i have to face that I am irrationally scared to fly. I know its irrational, I can tell myself all the facts about flying but I am so scared, I suffered from a tiny panic attack. Being me, I try not to show it as I don’t want my fear passing to the kids but I could not help it on this flight. I cried the entire time, I didn’t like to be left so if  poppet or monkey needed the toilet, Mr BC had to take them and Mamma Butterfly had to come next to me and hold my hand. It was silent tears and if the kids talked to me I took a deep breath and pretended, but they knew. Thankfully it didn’t bother them, but I didn’t enjoy it and I was tense the whole flight. I know my fear is a bit ridiculous as we landed safe and it was fine, but I can’t tell my brain or heart that enough for it to understand.

Anyway, we arrived and it was as beautiful as I remember and our apartment from Airbnb was awesome and was amazingly located. We walked out our door to a restaurant (which we would discover was amazing!!!) and a short walk down a street and right there, two minutes from our apartment was a beautiful sight we had all come to see.

Even better view on our first night! Colosseo was on our doorstep.

We went for a walk to see the colosseum at night and it was a truly beautiful and mesmerising start to our holiday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We finished off with our first of many visits to the restaurant across form our apartment: Iari The Vino. The food is amazing, the prices are reasonable and the food is worth it and best of all the staff are incredible. Taking children out for food can be a bit tricky but the staff at Iari are wonderful.

Day two – Colosseo and Roman Forum

Monkey was excited to go to the Colosseum although I think he thought there might still be gladiators there, once he realised this, thankfully he was still ok! He loved to hear some stories about gladiators, and fighting animals and Christians! (That was a tricky subject!) It was so hot though, that we had to return the apartment for a  bit to cool down. But they both still had an amazing day!

We ended the day over at Iari the Vino again! The food was still as
yummy! Monkey got some toys from the colosseum, which I had a play
with whilst they went off for an evening walk with Mr BC!

I hope you are enjoying our holiday adventures! Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

Ciao for now! Arrivederci and Buona Notte! Goodbye and Good Night!

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  1. It’s OK to be scared, don’t worry about it, everybody gets scared from time to time, the main thing is you faced your fear and overcame it, you are a really brave girl, congratulations!
    Mind you, from what I read about Ryanair in our news here, it is enough to scare anyone!
    I have been scared often enough up in the mountains when the uexpected happens but you use your skills, knowledge and experience to get over it – and you will find it will get easier with experience,


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