The Greatest Show Sleepover

Was it the Greatest? Did everyone enjoy themselves? Do you all think I am insane? And as it was a sleepover, was there any actual sleeping?

All very good questions! I do believe it was an epic birthday party centred around the greatest showman and all things circus and I think Monkey had the best time, so yes I think it was the greatest! Did everyone enjoy themselves? Well I guess I’ll never know for sure, but I hope so. It looked like they were having fun, I had to use mum voice a few times but only because everyone was so excitable and crazy! I would like to hope that everyone had an amazing time, I really enjoyed setting it up and watching them have fun, so I just hope they did.

IMG_1012The greatest showman (played by Monkey – of course) looked like he had a brilliant time and it was his party so overall, I think it was a success.

Am I insane for having nine children in my house at once and letting 6 seven year olds sleep over? Quite possibly, but I love doing things a little crazy, to paraphrase the Greatest Showman “to live  a little crazy!” I enjoy the excitement of doing a party myself, of having a great theme and seeing what ideas we can all come up with to make a party great. When we do these things, we do them as a family, everyone gets a say and gets to help out in whatever way they can. So yeah, I am probably a little cuckoo but so are all my family! And obviously Monkeys friends were all up for a good laugh too, so maybe its ok to be a little crazy! It paid off as everyone got involved and acted out mini shows, tired some circus skills and generally just had a massive play in the garden!


DSCF0972fullsizeoutput_41bbSleepover? I has nightmares before the party that no one would sleep and I would have to call a couple of parents to come collect their children at 2am a they were scared and I would have parents complaining the next day that the children were so tired as they didn’t sleep, but you know what – it wasn’t that bad! Yes, it took a while for the excitement to die down, and for them all the fall asleep, but eventually they all did and it was before 11pm which I thought was amazing for the first sleepover. I didn’t have to tell them to quieten down too much and they all slept soundly all night and hardly moved an inch. I know this because I did not sleep so well, I was so worried someone might get scared or not be able to find the toilet that I pretty much just kept checking on them all night!

IMG_1033My living room has never been crammed with so many little people! But they all managed to get comfy and before long it was morning!

IMG_1038I am not sure Monkey was ready for it to be morning though! He zoned out a little whilst watching Peter Rabbit!

IMG_1039You might all be wondering what happened to Poppet, she was going to sleep downstairs with the party but decided last minute she didn’t want to, so she came to bed with me and MR BC instead. I don’t think she’s quite ready for sleepovers yet (thankfully!)

Breakfast was a funny thing to behold – I said the kids could help themselves and it was crazy! But in a fun and happy way, everyone was passing cereal around, bigger kids pouring milk for the littler ones, some second helpings and everyone just being polite and lovely and it was a perfect start to the morning.


We finished off by a nice walk to the park and a play to run off some energy before the parentals started to arrive!

I think the party was a success! I’ve had no complaints and Monkey was ridiculously happy, even more so when we had round two that afternoon with his nephew and we got to do it all over again!

DSC_0588fullsizeoutput_41c5Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 21.26.41Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 21.26.27

I think this was an awesome party and Poppet loves the greatest showman just as much as Monkey so we may be doing a second similar party in a couple of months. I think it is a fab film and it really inspires the children. So if you are looking for inspiration for a Greatest showman themed party keep an eye out for my next post – I’ll be sharing some of my ideas and where I got bits and pieces from to make the magic!

On a final note, I cannot thank the parents enough of all the children who came to Monkeys party. He had an amazing time, and it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t out their trust in me and let them all sleepover. Even though they are all getting older, I know how daunting it can be letting them do things for the first time, or trusting other parents with your children. I consider all the parents my friends, and hope they do me too, but I know it can still be quite scary. So a huge thank you to all of them for making it possible by letting me entertain their children for a night!

One more thank you to Monkey and Poppet for being so well behaved, even though they were so excited! They helped out with ideas, decorating, organising and then behaved beautifully. I couldn’t have asked for more.

And a final thank you to Mr BC and Mamma BC, who without I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I do! They support me, love me, help out when needed and even put up with 9 very loud, boisterous children taking over the house, all because I asked them too! I love you both dearly.

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