Chaotic energy

My house is full of chaotic energy at the minute. I feel this post is going to be a true reflection of my chaotic mind, so bear with me.


We are on the final few days of school, the countdown for our Roman Holiday is on and in the next few days we are finally, finally celebrating monkeys birthday! We say finally because he has been 7 for over half a year! With all this in mind, our house is a constant flurry of tidying, packing, excitement and craziness!

Monkey (well the whole family really) is currently obsessed with The Greatest Showman – if you haven’t seen it yet, you really should – it is an amazing film, and the soundtrack is awesome. We listen to it pretty much every day on the way to school, it really wakes you and prepares you for the day.


(Our Lego Creation – The Greatest Showman himself – P T Barnum)

So for his party, he wanted this crazy, circus extravaganza! I managed to talk him down to a Greatest Showman Party and sleepover (yep, I am the crazy mother letting a bunch of 7 year olds sleepover!) I have some circus skills to try out, some circus arts and crafts, and a night of popcorn and candy floss filled DVD watching and sleep, if I can get them to sleep that is! 😂

I plan on making our living room into a sort of circus tent and I have bought some of the cutest accessories for the party, so I for one am very excited for it.

The invites have been sent out, the children are all excited and the planning is well on the way! Watch this space for some exciting pictures of our fun filled greatest showman party sleepover.


Basic Italian learning is well on the way, and every now and then the kids will pipe in with ciao mummy! Often they even get it in the right context. I wasn’t expecting much from them, but I love how they are so exciting and willing to learn. It makes me so proud to know I am raising children who are so keen to travel, and learn about everything.


As for school, we just need to get through Sports Day and the last few days and then we are on our way to the summer holidays. Ah, Sports Day! We are not necessarily the sportiest family in the world but we are born triers. So Monkey tries his hardest and is always amazing, he doesn’t really win anything but he loves to take part and for me, I feel like that is all I could possibly ask for. It will be poppets first sports day, she hasn’t really mentioned it, so I am not sure how she is feeling about it, but I imagine she will face it like she does everything in life, with a beautiful smile, pure determination and an almost stubborn quality to try her absolute hardest.


Beyond sports day, school has been amazing this year. Poppet settled into school well, and monkey has taken everything in his stride yet again. I could not be more proud of the pair of them if I tried. I am not saying they haven’t struggled sometimes, waking up in the morning is a task for Poppet, and we have had a few conversations about how school seems to be getting harder (bless my little man – he has a moan about it, and still does ok!) but they have both just cracked on and performed to the best of their abilities and they make me proud to be their mum every single day. I can understand their frustration sometimes, as I question my own parenting all the time, I think we all have moments where we worry, stress or sometimes don’t even want to do something. But I hope I am showing them that with support and love they can try everything and with practice will get better. Also with the understanding that sometimes we have to do things we might not be so keen on, but everything we do will help shape us into being the best person we can be.


With all of this going on – craziness running rampant in our house. I think I work best in a crazy flurry of excitement, the adrenalin of everything all at once keeps me ticking over and with the end of term fast approaching, I am lucky that I love a bit of drama. In fact as a family we love to live in organised chaos. We are made up of live in the moment people, so much so, planning is probably the most uncomfortable thing for us, the drama of living for now is spice of life. Nothing is quite as dramatic as trying to find entertainment for two energy filled children whilst trying to go to work and keep the everyday running smoothly. The downside of this, is September will come and we will soon realise we have no uniform, the book bags have been lost and Monkey cannot possibly have ruined yet another pair of school shoes! Could he?

****** I could have sworn I posted this last night, we had sports day today! It was good! Monkey didn’t come last in everything this year which is a huge improvement for us, and I still just love his attitude. “I didn’t win any race mummy, in fact I came last quite a lot.” I told him it didn’t matter as long as he tried his hardest and at first he said he didn’t ry his hardest which I thought was funny, but then he thought about it and said “I did try my hardest but I just don’t think sports it for me, but I still enjoyed doing it with everyone!” And that my boy is why I love you!

Poppet on the other hand, got a tad overwhelmed by her sports day and by the end looked a bit like she didn’t really know what to do in some of the activities, but she still looked like she was having fun, so overall I am a very happy mummy! Now we just have to get through the last day of school, which is a bit emotional for all of us, as we all like both of their teachers very much, but onwards and upwards as they say! ******

poppet up n over.jpg

poppet egg n spoon

] ]


  1. Summer holidays? Lucky you! I had to scrape ice off my windscreen before I could get to work this morning and our school holidays have just ended. It is, of course, the end of your school year, here that happens in December which is early summer for us. Your current hot weather is rather warm even for here, i. Please take care in the sun, keep covered up and keep reapplying a good quality sunscreen at least SPF15 but preferably 50, sunburn is not only painful but more dangerous than you probably realise. It is likely to be even hotter in Rome!
    Have fun

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  2. As I said to you the other day – if there was was somewhere I could vote for ‘Best Mom’ I would vote for you. You are so loving to your kids in both words and actions.

    I hope you all have a great Roman holiday when you visit the Coliseum and the leaning tower of Pizza! Watch out when you cross the street … everyone is ‘fair game’ once they leave the sidewalk … (can’t think of the UK English name … perhaps pavement). Perhaps is the the new Coliseum of Rome! … just kidding. Hope you send and post lots of cheezy photos of you all leaning on the tower of Pizza)

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    1. Thank you Jen for your kind words! I think as a mum I sound a good amount of my time thinking I’m a rubbish parent (which I don’t believe really! But we all get mum guilt!) so it’s really nice to hear! I hope my children look back on their childhood with find happy memories! That’s all I want!
      We had an awesome time in Italy! I’m trying to write a blog post about it but I keep getting distracted! It is in the works though!
      I will email you over some pictures at some point too!

      All our love! Xx


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