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Swallowed a button face

Hi Guys! Really quick blog post – I was trying to get it completed and posted the other day but I had a minor issue and had to rush to A&E. Monkey swallowed a button, and although I thought he would be fine to just wait for it to pass, he said his throat and chest hurt so I thought it was best to get him checked! He was desperate for an Xray but it was a plastic button, you probably wouldn’t have been able to see it, but it didn’t stop him asking for one. He’s absolutely fine now, but children can really make you go fro being a little annoyed to worried to blissfully happy all within the blink of two seconds.

Anywho, onto other matters – so I’ve always loved to read for as long as I can remember. My mum loves to read, my brother and sister have always loved to read and now my children are growing up with my shared passion for reading which is wonderful. But what I have always wanted, is to join a book club but in an area you don’t have much choice to choose from, the Library runs one but its in the middle of the day, when I work and it wouldn’t work for me. Secondly, there are some ran by likeminded people, but trying to get lots of grown ups (especially parents) in the same room at the same time, is near on impossible. So my brilliant brain wave – use the internet. I have a love/hate relationship with the internet/social media etc, but I can always see its positives.

I have recently set up my own facebook page – yes I am moving on up in the blogging world! I like it and I have added a group – Butterfly Child Book club. A place where everyone can talk about books/reading and discuss and share with the freedom of knowing that you can join in as and when you want, you can comment whenever and will get a reply at some point but we don’t all need to be in a room together to enjoy a good story together and discuss it. The internet is a wonderful place, where we can have a bit of freedom and time to do what we want. I am hoping to encourage more people to read and get more people to share ideas/discussions about books they are reading/ have read or wanted to read. Its only a small group for now, and I am looking for new members but I want to keep it simple and sweet and a bit like a family or a group of friends. A place where everyone can feel at home and read when/what they want, comment when you want to, join in as and when and not even feel the need to join in if they don’t want to. Just using it for inspiration for your next book is fine by me.


As I have just started my club, I have picked the first book – The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. It was a book I read as a teenager and I have always regarded it as one of my favourites, but it sometimes get a bad rap as its quite often a book picked by schools, as its part of the curriculum and often people don’t enjoy something, if they are being forced to take part in it. In this case, reading a book! I wasn’t made to read it, and even if i was; I loved Animal Farm and that was our set book, but I know some people don’t enjoy a book if they are made to read it. However, I have this very romanticised version of the book stored in my head from reading it as a teen, so I really wanted to read it as a grown up and see if I still enjoyed it.

Which brings us to where we are, I have given out some library copies to some friends, and I have loaned my own second copy to my sister (who did read it in school but is going to revisit it too). As a lot of my members are mums /working mums /full time workers – who don’t necessarily have a lot of spare time, even though it is only a short read -lets take the whole of June to read it, and we can start discussion after a couple of weeks, so hopefully avoiding spoilers for anyone still catching up.

If book clubs might be your thing – please find it on facebook or drop me an email at: butterfly.child99@gmail.com and I will keep you updated with books/discussions/polls we are running and sign you up to the online butterfly child book club. If you know anyone you think would like this – sharing is caring! 🙂

I hope to hear from you soon! We will be starting to pick our next book soon!

Are you enjoying my blog? I would love to hear from some of my readers – I am still fairly new to blogging and my aim is to have a bit of a connection with my readers! ☺️


  1. I too read heaps although as an old fogey, my tastes I think are maybe somewhat different from yours. I have a Kindle e-reader which is very convenient , a small tablet, it can hold hundreds of books although I do miss the feel of a ‘real’ book. I also have the Kindle app on my phone so if I were to suddenly find myself in, say, hospital, I have something to help pass the time. I still prefer a proper book however convenient the Kindle may be. But then, anything is better than nothing.

    Right now I’m reading all of Dick Francis’ books, all to do in one way or another with horse racing. Another favourite is Patrick O’Brian’s ‘Jack Aubrey’ books, all 20 of them, about the Royal Navy in the 18th century. There is Agatha Christie (Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot) over 200 murder mysteries and Dorothy Sayers who wrote about Lord Peter Wimsey, a very ‘upper crust’ detective, they were all in the 1920s and ’30s. Of course there are lots of other authors, I would bore you to tears if I listed them all here,.If you are interested in history, how about Sharon Penman’s “When Christ and His Saints Slept.’. It fleshes out the history of the first English Civil War between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda in the 1100s, it is a very exciting story, real history and alongside that, the Brother Cadfael murder mysteries also set at the same time, in and around Shrewsbury.

    Looking back a lifetime, I can’t ever remember learning to read, I know I could read before I started school when I was five. THey were different books in those days, everyone knows (I think) about Enid Blyton and her Famous Five and Secret Seven books. There was also Richmal Crompton’s ‘Just William’ stories about the adventures of an 11 year old boy. One series I can really recommend is ‘Swallows and Amazons’. by Arthur Ransome. Published in 1930 it is the adventures of children in the English Lake District in 1929. Very loosely set in and around WIndermere although the lake is in many ways ,more like Coniston. Other stories in the series are set in the Norfolk Broads and the Naze in Suffolk. Wonderful stories, I still enjoy them. And then there were the Classics -‘ Desert Island’, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ and the adventure story to end all adventure stories, ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. Pirates, buried treasure, castaways, mutinies, you would hardly believe it was written nearly 140 years ago! It is a timeless story, as exciting today as when it was first written.

    And, talking about ‘Time’, more up to date is a series of mostly fairly short stories by the science fiction writer, Poul Anderson in the 1950s about the edventures of Manse Everard in the Time Patrol .

    Once I get started, when do I stop? Perhaps now!

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    1. Hi Keith,

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. My taste in books is huge and varied! I just love to read, I will give anything and everything a try. Nick bought me an e-reader but you will more than likely find me using it as a bookmark in a real book than as an actual book. Although it does come in handy sometimes, like when I can’t take ten books with me on holiday etc.
      I love Agatha Christie, I have only read a handful but I am slowly working my way through more. I like historical fiction. So light on the history, but interesting fictional story to go with it. I love Elizabeth Peters, definitely history light but I love the way she writes.

      I have many, many famous fives. I was going to start reading them to the kids, but my two are still a little young because they like things that are exciting from the get go. So I am reading them the Percy Jackson series but Rick RIordan and Harry Potter of course. We are huge fans of Harry Potter!

      I love a classic! Not a fan of Robison Crusoe, but I love Heidi, Little Women, The Secret Garden, Mallory Towers, Thirty Nine Steps, any Jane Austen and oh I could go on and on!

      I have read lots from Stephen King to Chris Ryan, Holly Martin to Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, PD James, Lee Child, Dan Brown, Bronte, I really could go on and on, but I am always looking for new books or authors. Although my to read list is getting so long, I don’t think I will ever actually get chance to read everything.

      We just finished The Outsiders for my book club! It is one of my favourite short stories. It isn’t an epic but it really tells an amazing story in a short space of time and I think everyone can sort of relate. Even though it is set in 1950’s America with a definite West side story vibe, but the central theme and characters really speak to everyone in some way, shape or form.

      I have been slacking with my posts lately, but its getting towards summer holidays here, and I have work and kids activities and planning parties etc, so I haven’t had much time, but I will post again soon.


  2. Agatha Christie will keep you going for a while, she wrote over 200 mysteries. Have a look at Elizabeth Peters, she is a prolific author with several different series. I enjoy the Amelia Peabody series about an archaeologist working on ‘digs’ in Egypt in the late 1800s and having lots of adventures. THe latest in the series was published only in 2017!
    Try Lorna Doone, a lovely romance/adventure set in Cornwall. in the 18th century. It was one of the classics we had to ‘do’ when I was at school and enjoyed it, which is a lot more than I can say for some of the other books we had to study in ‘English Lit’.

    Something different is a trilogy by Stan Barstow, ‘A Kind of Loving’, The Watchers on the Shore’ and ‘The Right True End’, a gritty story of Vic Brown, a working class lad in the North of England, a very hard hitting, accurate and down to earth story of ordinary people set in the 1960s, really a modern classic. Years ago the BBC produced a TV series which is an accurate portrayal of the story. I have read the books several times and always enjoy them.

    Although I have a Kindle, I really prefer a ‘real’ book, Certainly the Kindle has its uses if I have to go away anywhere, it doesn’t take any room and it can carry hundreds of books in its library. I have a library of over 4500 books sitting in ‘Calibre’ in my computer. . I can download any of the books in that library to my Kindle in just a few seconds.
    Have fun on your holiday, even on the flight.


  3. Elizabeth Peters is one of my all time favourite authors – I like Amelia Peabody but I prefer Vicky Bliss because I love her character John Smythe – he is definitely an anti hero that you hate to love!
    I haven’t read Lorna Doone but I love a classic so I’ll keep an eye for it!

    Kindles are good for that! But I like you love a good book to hold! Plus I love the smell of books! My all time favourite place to go is a library or small bookshop! I love the smell and atmosphere! My absolute ultimate dream would be to own my bookshop! I don’t think I’d ever leave!
    Thank you! I am sure it will wonderful! I love a cultural holiday!


  4. You would love the bookshop I found some years ago in a very small town called Tirau about 100km (60 miles) north of home. My son and I were travelling north early one Christmas morning to spend the day with another son and his family and in Tirau we found an open restaurant where we had breakfast (and what a breakfast!) Anyway, right next door was this poky little bookshop which opened out from the restaurant so we had a look. It was like a rabbit warren with small rooms leading from one to another all full of bookshelves, each room had its own ‘topic’. We spent far longer in there than we had expected, well over an hour so we were late at our destination..

    Tirau is a fascinating place, it almost died when a local factory closed but found a new lease of live as a ‘stopping off’ place on the main road north (or south depends which way you are travelling) with coffee bars, cafes. antique shops.gift shops, etc. you name it. THere are two largeish halls there, all built of corrugated iron but one is a sheepdog, the other next door is a sheep and alongside is a corrugated iron shepherd ! it’s surprising what can be made out of it!

    A friend of mine used to have a secondhand bookshop here in town, he called it ‘Silver Fish Books’ and sold mostly paperbacks although he had some very valuable rare books as well. I used to go and help out, I sorted the books for him, he had absolutely no idea of how to sort a big pile of books into any sort of order. I tried to tell him that silverfish eat books but he was talking about the trout in the lake just along the road. A few years ago he had to close due to his illhealth and moved away so we no longer have a secondhand bookshop although we have 3 or 4 bigger shops selling books, magazines and stationery. The nearest secondhand bookshop now is in another town 50 miles away

    See if you can find any books by Mona Anderson, ‘A River Rules My Life ‘. ‘The Good Logs of Algidus’ and several others, the story of life in an isolated high country sheep station on the Wilberforce River in the Southern Alps of New Zealand in the 1930s. A fascinating story

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