First Family Sunset

I had a scary thought just the other day, at 32 years old – I don’t think I have ever seen a genuine sunset. I have seen the sun disappear behind the buildings, but I have never seen in real life the sun setting into the horizon or the sea or anything where you get the beautiful colours and effect of a real sunset. This may seem crazy, but before I moved to Somerset I probably did see a sunset but I didn’t stop and appreciate it, and since being here I have had children and we don’t leave the house at sunset! 🙂 So it felt like I had never experienced one. What makes this sadder, is that I love to draw and paint and I have painted a sunset, I made this incredible picture from memory, but realised this must have been a memory from television or something, and I just had to correct this!

The weather has been beautiful here and a few weekends ago, I decided it was about time I saw a real life sunset and the children have never seen one either, so it was a good time to have a family day to the seaside, stay late and see the sunset in all its glorious beauty! Did it live up to expectations?

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Oh my goodness! It was incredible! I must apologise to the handful of other people at Portland who came to witness this stunning and beautiful display. Me and the kids were very excited and a little bit noisy in our excitement. Especially to the young couple who I think came for a romantic date to watch the sun set and has us as neighbours enjoying our first sunset! I hope our excitement was contagious and made you smile rather than annoy you! I am sorry in that sorry/not sorry way! ☺️ We had an incredible evening, and it was beautiful and incredible and I don’t think I have words to express it. So, yes we got a bit loud and excited and the kids climbed all over the statue but it was a wonderful experience for our first sunset.

We picked a beautiful spot overlooking Chesil Beach at Portland. The water was perfectly still, making the reflection of the sun stunningly beautiful. We talked about Greek Gods and how the Ancient Greeks believed Apollo pulled the sun around, we talked about Christianity and God and how he made the world beautiful! We talked about Science, planets, and how the moon was out at the same time as the sun! It was an amazingly beautiful and funnily enough educational evening.

Religion is often a hard discussion in our house, I have faith but I struggle with religion sometimes, as I don’t know quite where I fall, or what I believe. The children go to a faith school and are being taught all about God and Christianity, and even though Mr BC is an Atheist, he likes they are being taught good morals and values, but when discussing how the world was created, it can get a bit contentious. But not on this day, we all agreed it doesn’t matter what you believe; the setting sun is a beautiful, magical and wondrous thing to behold and that we should all work hard to keep our planet beautiful and appreciate all the lovely and beautiful things in it.



  1. The sun sets every day lass, how beautiful it is depends on the clouds and the amount of haze in the atmosphere.It is more beautiful the more you see it, it is never the same twice so it is well worth making an effort to see as many as you can – and take photographs!
    I live by a very large lake and have done so for the last 37 years, it is really beautiful and I love it, Nearly every day (sometimes I am too busy to get down there and sometimes I am away) I go to look at the view. It is never the same, every day is different from every other day. Sometimes it is like a millpond, sometines it is rough like the ocean, I have had tourists ask me when is it high tide and it is not tidal..
    Religion, well that can be a thorny subject can’t it? I was raised as an Anglican, was baptised and confirmed There is a lot of good advice in the Bible (and a lot of rubbish) on relationships and behaviourl In a nutshell I think it is ‘treat other people the way you would like them treat you’, obey the laws of the State that gives you its protection. Of course there is a lot more than that..
    I don;t see God (or whatever other name) as an old man with a beard, wearing a robe, sitting in an uncomfortable chair and surrounded by ‘angels’. Neither do I go along with the idea of a young woman being effectively raped in order to produce a son whose purpose in life is to be murdered in a horrific manner to appease hs dad for the rest of humanity’s supposed ‘sins’.So I;m not too sure what I am now! It is hard to imagine that there has never been a ‘beginning’ although I think that something devised (for want of a better word) the laws of Physics and Quantum Phisics and who knows what else that we haven’t come across yet. Maybe and I could be wrong,, something along the lines maybe of an equation or even more abstruse, I dunno But that, whatever it may be, might be what we generally call ‘God’.

    Now I’m getting away from your sunsets, I know exactly what you are talking about,, see the beauty in the world wherever you find it and appeciate it..

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    1. Beautiful comment Keith! The beauty of a sunset is truly something to behold!
      Religion will always be a point if contention for some people, and although I like you am not sure about some parts and I do not know quite where my religious beliefs fall. I do have faith, faith that we’re all here to live a good life, make friends, look out for one another and our home. I also have faith that when we move onto the next great adventure, we will get to rejoin our loved ones, so I believe there has to be something somewhere in the whole universe to give us that peace of mind! Thanks for reading and your comments!


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