Kaleidoscope Adventures

Do you know what the collective name for a bunch of butterflies is?

Have you ever used one of these? Do you know what one is?

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 16.47.49

When you look in it, it looks a bit like this:

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 16.49.26

…and if you twist and turn the end, it shows lots of different colours and patterns and it constantly changes. It is both magical and beautiful!

I am getting to a point I promise. You are probably wondering what this has in common with a bunch of butterflies and how is it relevant to me and my blog.

Well, the cute little child toy that shows lots of colours and shapes is called a Kaleidoscope and a collective of butterflies: also a Kaleidoscope. I love this! I feel like my life is sometimes like looking into a kaleidoscope, you’re not sure what is going to happen, or how exciting the day might be. The beauty of a kaleidoscope is in its simplicity. Its pretty, colourful and with every twist and turn you can see something different in the colours. As a self confessed Butterfly Child, I try to live my life the same way, I always try to have a good time, see the beauty in everything and spread happiness everywhere I go! And as I am raising a couple of butterfly children too, that kind of makes us our own little Kaleidoscope too!

I am going to share with you now, something that has been on my mind for a while. Mr BC and I always talk about our life and our dreams. Generally we don’t have a plan, we are both kind of “lets just live in the moment and decide at 11am we should head out for the day!” kind of people. 😂 But we have had a rough couple of months, not rough compared to others, we appreciate we are quite lucky, but still we’ve had a sad, emotional and sometimes painful few months.


Starting with our family plans, we had always planned on having a third child and with that in mind we hadn’t really thought of anything else. However, after a few years with nothing, we decided to try to be happy and enjoy the two beautiful children we already have.  As it turns out, with my health issues from the end of last year, this could have been contributing to why we had found it difficult, and although I am sad at the thought of not having another, I know how lucky I am to have the two I have, and I want to be healthy and be able to do things with them, and enjoy life now! So, I am awaiting hospital appointments for surgery and I am trying to find ways to make my pain easier to deal with.

Mr BC and I are always chatting about what we would like in life, what our dreams are or things we want to experience but we have never made it a thing! I guess we never officially said  “x,y and z is what we want from life.” We had some sad news recently too, Mr BC’s father passed away, and it has been a sad and hard time, made harder because he passed away abroad which came with its own challenges. But the one thing I cannot shake is that we are all really sad he is gone but he was living life right up until the end! He was away with his partner, travelling, trying new things and experiencing life to the full and that is incredible.

I started my blog, to give me some ‘me time’ and to share our adventures but it wasn’t until I started thinking more about butterflies, also seeing our very first sunset as a family and our recent sad news made me realise, I wanted to make a sort of list (not a bucket list as I hate that term ) but I wanted it (our adventures) to have a name, a purpose – a list we can all add our dreams and wishes on. I want to do more travelling, I want to take the children to lots of places and see more of the world, (this in itself is a huge challenge for me, as I am scared of flying but I will tell you all about that another time.) I also want to have more fun, try new things and just enjoy life with/without the children. I want to say YES, more than I do! I want to experience as if I am a big child (which basically I am) but with that feeling of excitement you get as a child!


To help this dream and to give myself some me time, I decided I wanted to get a job, a real job where I can settle (which luckily I have found an incredible place to work, with some amazing people and a wonderful manager – I will talk more about this later) and to earn some well deserved pennies, so we can have all of these adventures. An adventure can just be at home, doing something, trying something you never have before or having fun at home! You have already witnessed some of our new adventures (sleepover with Dippy for one) but I hadn’t put a name to it before, but here you go, our plan for the future is to live life like the Butterfly Children we are, by having as many Kaleidoscope Adventures as we can. And I am hoping you will stick with me to follow our adventures and maybe join our little Kaleidoscope and have some adventures of your own.





  1. Dear Tina
    Your ‘Mr BC’ is my friend and ‘Grandad’ was my best friend so I know you have had a rough time, we all have.
    You want to have adventures and explore the world. Unfortunately that means you will have to overcome your fear of flying – now THAT will be an adventure all on its own – and believe me, there is nothing to be scared of, you are far safer in a big jet than you are in your car. The main difference is, it can be boooooring! It helps to sleep a lot and read which passes the time away..
    I live as far away as you can get without going back home again. The story of how ‘Grandad’ and I met is an adventure on its own, you might already know about it.
    It would take you getting on for two days to get here but when I first came here, it was six weeks by ship, THAT was an adventure stopping at different countries on the way but it was monotonous in between and putting the clocks forward an hour every day for nearly a fortnight was exhausting..

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  2. For what it’s worth, I have just found out that British Airways runs a course at Heathrow for people with a fear if fliying and finishes with a short flight from Heathrow to Southampton and back . I have no more information than that, I was watching a YouTube video about Heathrow earlier today (it’s cold outside, midwinter here and there is nothing on our TV) but it would perhaps be worth investigating. I know you are nowhere near Heathrow and it may well be too expensive and maybe take too much time travelling each way from home, Just a suggestion .though,
    In the video, a member of Heathrow staff decided to take the course and found it very helpful as she may well need to have to fly as part of her job.
    Many years ago when I was a member of the RAF in the UK, I was on the permanent staff of a R.Aux.A.F.Fighter Control Unit based between Bath and Chippenham THat was a long time ago in the early 1950s and we were sent to Germany for a while, We travelled there by train and boat but flew home by Douglas DC3, there are very few if them left these days in flying conditon., in fact one of them is a part of a MacDonald’s restaurant here in Taupo, you can find it on Google StreetView Aircraft have grown bigger, faster, much more comfortable and safer since then, THese days you can be literally anywhere in the world within 48 hours of leaving home
    I was seriously tempted to re-enlist, I had enjoyed my time there so much but eventually took demobilisation and returned to civilian life. Had I signed on again, I sometimes wonder what shape my life would have taken
    Our local airline, Air New Zealand fies Boeing 777- 200ER , 777-300ER and a 787-9 internationally but A320 s on our main domestic routes and Bombardier Q300 in short regional routes so it is a surprisinngly big line for a small country
    Iremember arrivnig at Heathrow on the way home and seeing the Air NZ 747 with the Maori ‘Koru’ a stylized coiled up fern frond ‘fiddle head on its tail;, it was the taste of ‘home’ I had been missing for weeks anfd very comforting to see

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    1. Hi Array,

      Thanks for your kind comment and for your suggestion. Even though I am scared of flying, I have been on a plane twice now. I just sort of face it when I am there and hope for the best. I don’t think i will ever get over my fear but I won’t let it beat me either. I probably won’t ever travel far on planes, and if I have other options I will always take them but I will go on a plane to go places, as I really want to take the children on holidays and for them to not be scared. Plus as a mum, sometimes you just have to crack on and do it.

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting. its wonderful to hear everyone else wonderful stories.


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