Butterfly Child Nailed It!

**** Edited!!!! Hopefully, the videos should now be working! I couldn’t put the final video reveal on as we had a few technical difficulties (Mainly I couldn’t stop using the children’s real names and ruining the video. But anyway hope you enjoy, Poppet and Monkeys “Nailed it’s!”****

Poppet and I have become a little obsessed with a Netflix programme called Nailed It, the host is a little exuberant and annoying but she’s supposed to be! And we love her and the show!

The basic premise is baking reality show where normal people, not necessarily bakers at home, try to recreate what I call Pinterest worthy cakes. From biscuits to look like their own faces to a shark eating a surfer cake and everything in between.

I love a good Pinterest browse, and I like to bake and share, so if you’ve been following me on instagram/twitter, you will know that we decided as Mr BC was due back today we would bake him a cake as a surprise homecoming cake, and because we can’t do anything simply, we decided to have our very own episode of Nailed It!

We each picked a cake we wanted to try to copy, but in our own fashion. I am working with a five and seven year old so we had to make it a bit easier.

Here are the cakes we picked to model our own after (we find them from a quick google search, obviously not our work and we thank who ever created them, we only used them as inspiration:

Friday after school we did a quick shop for all the bits we would need and headed off home to whip up some cakes! It was a very fun Friday evening!

Poppet and monkey had their very first experience of cracking an egg on their own, so there is a chance both cakes have got shell in them! 😂

The more we baked the more excited they got, which is always fun to be around! I try to keep the fun as much as possible but there is nothing better than seeing activities through a child’s eye! Everyone is fun, anything is possible and everything is shiny and new! I hope my children keep that for as long as possible! Everyday I try to keep that spirit alive not just for the kids, but for myself! We should try to see the beauty in everything!

Whilst we waited for the cakes to bake, we started making our fondant decorations. This was equal parts fun and messy but Poppet Nailed It, as seen above when she celebrated nearly finishing!

Saturday morning is always packed with dance runs (ballet and theatre school) so we couldn’t carry on until the afternoon but as soon as had lunch we got straight back to it! We couldn’t wait to finish and Sunday to come to show off to daddy.

We had buttercream to smother all over our cakes, icing to make and finding the perfect placement for our fondant decorations. The timer was on to get it all finished – so Poppet pressed her imaginary panic button (if you watch the show – this is where the contestants get to press a panic button and have three minutes of help form the judges) in our version it meant monkey helped Poppet finish her decorating which was beautiful seeing them work together so nicely!

But it was soon Sunday and Mr BC returned and we did our big reveal and then ate some yummy cake!

The children worked so hard, And both did amazing jobs! Poppet had a bit of help from me to create the shape of a unicorn, but she did so well, but monkey got a bit upset as he felt his wasn’t as good but I think it was incredible as he had no help at all! It was all his own work! I am incredibly proud of them both, and I am sure we will attempt another Nailed It again in the future. We all enjoyed a nice slice of cake and all the cakes were yummy!

I hope you enjoyed our version of Nailed It! We had lots of fun making the cakes and we are definitely going to enjoy eating them! It was supposed to be just a bit of fun to help time pass whilst waiting for daddy to return home! I hope you can all see how much fun we had, and it didn’t matter that the dining table was a mess afterwards because we had fun! Why don’t you all have ago and send me your pictures of your Nailed It’s!


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