If I was a power tool, where would I be?

Mr BC is still away in Canada sorting through some bits regarding his dad. I am at home with the children, and I have been babysitting my sister-in-laws little girl, whilst she was in Canada saying good bye to her father too. So, I have had a few days off work, and thought why not try getting some of the jobs done whilst I am off. Easier said than done when you have a two year old running around and you aren’t used to a two year old running around. So before I return to work I thought lets do this. I am perfectly capable of a few DIY jobs, I hope!

However, to partake in said DIY jobs, like putting up some shelving, I need a drill and a few other bits, which normally all Mr BC’s tool are in his man cave, also known as the garage.

Can I find said Power Tools? No!

Do I even know where to start looking? Again, no!

Also, Is Canada 8 hours behind us, so even if I text asking where to find power tools, by the time Mr BC gets the message, the children will be home from school and I won’t want to be drilling holes in my walls.

So, my questions for the day: What did we do before power tools? Am I ever going to get anything done? Should I jus wait until the weekend for Mr BC’s return? And finally, if I was a drill where would I hide? All valid questions that will get me nowhere on my DIY journey, but every now and then, we all just need a good moan!

Why not share your nightmare DIY / partner moments? Are you good at DIYing and can offer me some advice? Leave me a comment and we can catch up on what I am doing wrong when putting shelves up, because they are never, I mean never, straight.

I am returning to work tomorrow, so my short live fantasy of a being a domestic DIY Goddess will be over, and I will probably just wait for Mr BC, but if I can find the tools and get any handy tips, I will be trying to out some book shelves up myself. Don’t worry I’ll take some photos for your entertainment! 😀

I may just leave the DIY and do some baking, I know I cannot get anymore stereotypical right now, but baking, baking is my thing. The kids have missed their dad so much, I think we should welcome him home with a cake, rather than wonky book shelves. Plus, Monkey, Poppet and myself have really gotten into Nailed it at the minute, and as a bit of a Pinterest mum, I think it would be hilarious to hold our own in house, nailed in competition so keep your eyes peeled for that post too.


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