Easter Holidays Part Two

So Mr BC took the kids out in a convertible, let them get sand all over my carpet and taught poppet to ride her bike! Could I top that? Did I want to? Was this a competition? HAHA! It was actually really nice as Mr BC was still off work for the second week too, so we got to spend the whole week as a family and that rarely happens so it was amazing!

We kicked off the holidays with a trip to Maplins as they had a sale on and monkey loves science so I thought it’d be cool to get some bits to build circuits. We found this incredible 100 and something circuit board for building all sorts of circuits and it is incredible. It will be along time before they have mastered how to build complicated circuits on there own, but they managed to get a light to turn on. We then headed over to Weymouth for a Dinosaur activity day. It wasn’t great but it was nice to get out the house and the kids behaved beautifully, so who can ask for more.

Mr BC treated us to some circuit experiment activities!
We met a dinosaur at Weymouth!
Poppet and Monkey actually sitting together nicely!
working together in the same book, i love how similar but very different they are. Luna is writing a story and Louen is drawing a story.
Fishing together too! we had a happy brother and sister day today

Next up for our week of Easter fun, I had planned ahead and got some Easter Crafts to do. Including some scratch art, mosaic making and jumping sheep. I think our work turned out beautifully. What do you think? Did you do any nice crafts over Easter?

Mr BC decided he would quite like a quieter day and we wanted to go out so off we went on an adventure with Mamma to a national trust spot we haven’t been to yet. As you probably all know I am an avid reader, I like stories, poems, pretty much anything.  But I love looking around houses, gardens and monuments, so out those two things together and I am going to love it. So Samuel Coleridges Cottage was right up my street, my children do also like to look around most houses/castles/garden, hence why we are national trust members, but could I sell a little cottage to them. Why yes, yes I could! Have you ever wanted to have a go at writing with a quill? My two have, and this is one of the activities at Coleridge Cottage.

We all loved it at this little cottage and spend the better part of 4 hours there! It was incredible, we did a spring tale, learned some poems, had a wander round the garden, Mamma and me got to enjoy a cream tea and both kids really enjoyed using a quill. I have a quill at home but I had to give it go, and Mamma couldn’t wait to give it a go! If you ever need a rainy day activity in Somerset I highly recommend it! It was incredible! We all had a wonderful afternoon and will definitely be returning.

Dress up!
My Quill Skills!
Quill Skills


Pretty Flowers

We also stopped off at Cerne Abbas to see the Giant Man! We did some gardening and spent lots of time playing as a family. It was wonderful, and I am really glad we got the chance to take the time off together. Its easy to get caught up in work, life and the stress of it all sometimes, and both Mr BC and myself work really hard, and we often have different times off to cover holidays etc, so when we get time all together it is extra special and this is my new promise to myself. With everything that has happened lately, and with life not always turning out as you hoped, I just have to remember to be thankful for what I’ve got and to work with what I’ve got. So we are going to have more holidays off and we are planning our first proper family holiday together as we speak! Exciting times ahead!

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