Whilst mummy is at work…

During the Easter holidays, I decided to take the second week off and leave Mr BC with the children for the first week. I won’t say babysitting, because that is not what that is. Mr BC is their dad, not a babysitter. He entertained them in his own little way, and he sent me photos whilst they spent the whole week together. AS Mr BC is military, he is away a lot, so for him to spend a whole week with just the children was incredible and they loved it.


They all went out for the day in Mr BC’s convertible volvo! Mamma even went along as she loves a convertible. By all counts, they looked like they had lots of fun. Poppet is moving a bit as she gets a bit cold in the car with the roof down, which is funny because she is the warmest child I know. In the winter on a cold day, she will refuse to take her coat to school as she is hot! But a bit of wind in the car and she hates it!

Another activity they enjoyed was taking their new bikes out. Monkey learnt to ride his bike last summer and has never looked back. Poppet learnt last summer but had really outgrown her bike and needed a new one. We bought her one and it was a little bigger and it scared her, so she then wouldn’t get on her bike again for six months. So when Mr BC sent me this video I was thrilled. He had not only managed to get her back on her bike, he had re-learnt her how to ride.

I am very excited for the summer holidays, as I have a new bike too and I cannot wait for long bike rides and picnics in the park.

Whilst I was at work he would send me over lots of beautiful pictures of all the activities the children were doing. It was wonderful, almost like I was there. However, when he sent me this one, happiness was not my first response. Here is monkey and poppet painting eggs and doing Easter Sand Art, you might be asking yourself why might this annoy me.


Well, we have a dining room with a dedicated craft corner that Mr BC lovingly built for me. In the dining room is also a wood flooring and I feel like my dining room is a relaxed family friendly area. I try to keep my living room as adult friendly as possible, the kids can and do play in there but I try to keep it tidy and relaxing, so when I come home from work I don’t have to do a massive tidy up before I can even sit down, and it has a tight knit carpet which is hard to pick anything up from. Why is this relevant? Well, here are my two beloved children doing sand art in the living room, spilling sand all over my living room carpet. Can you guess who didn’t hoover the sand up from the living room and left it for someone else to do? 😳

But in all honesty, I am just really glad they got to spend the week together, doing lots of fun things and enjoying each others company. I forgave the sand in the carpet, especially when it came to Easter weekend and Mr BC had excelled himself with the easter egg he got me from the kids! (Malteser and Giant Kinder Egg, just in case you were wondering.)

Stay tuned for what we did for the second week!

*** Oh and as an added bonus because I forgot to put this on, heres a slow mo video of our jumping sheep! We loved making these. ***

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