Dippy on Tour

Down here in Somerset the Easter Holidays started last week, unfortunately I had to work. Thankfully daddy got Easter holiday too, so he got to spend the first week with the kids, and by the looks of the photos and videos they have had lots of fun. But today is Good Friday and the start of my holiday too! But before I tell you my plans for the week, lets recap what fun they’ve had already.

We kicked off the holidays with a trip to Dorset County Museum to see Dippy on Tour. Monkey is a huge fan of Dinosaurs, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. We have been to visit Dippy at the National History Museum in London, but we also walked all around the museum itself. We didn’t get tickets for the Dorset Museum so I wasn’t sure how exciting a trip to just see Dippy would be. Joining us on our trip was some close family friends including Monkeys best friend, so I knew it was going to be lovely morning because of the company, but actually the whole morning was wonderful and definitely worth a visit.


We had a really nice wander around a viewing gallery from above Dippy, so we got a really good look at him from all directions.

As well as this, lots of fossils, and collections of rare birds and other exciting pieces of history were on the walls and in glass cabinets for us to look at as we wandered.

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Whilst we wandered, we had random facts about dinosaurs from Monkey, and I had a few questions up my sleeves to ask the kids. Always up for a learning experience where I can squeeze it in. Easy ones for the younger ones and some harder ones for the bigger kids, and monkey surprised me again, by knowing some really obscure answers.

For instance, we’ve always found dinosaur bones, and fossils but we didn’t always name them Did you know what the first dinosaur was named or by who? Because Monkey does.**

At the end of the viewing gallery was a lovely spot to take a picture right next to Dippys head. The children loved getting to pose with him! Bebe was not too sure about Dippy at first, she quietly told her mummy, “its not really mummy!”I think she thought we were going to see a real life walking and eating dinosaur.

We then descended some quite steep stairs (take care on them if you visit!) and then we found ourselves in the big hall underneath Dippy, and that is when you truly appreciate how big dinosaurs must have been. Monkey wanted to take some pictures, and a video so here is Dippy from the eyes of a 7 year old.

And Poppet took the time to tell us a little story about what she thought Dippy was like when we was living. She said he had a mummy and daddy and a little brother and a big brother and he lived a long time ago. His favourite food was probably really high leaves, from the top of trees. We all talked about how Dinosaurs had eggs, which babies came out of. Children are egg obsessed getting close to Easter. We talked about how we now think modern birds might be related to dinosaurs and how some dinosaurs would have sat on eggs like chickens.

Heres Poppet telling her friend Bebe all about Dippy and his family.



In a side room, after you had enough of Dippy, was some dinosaur arts and crafts. I think that room had been well used as there wasn’t much colouring left, and I believe some children had probably helped some Lego go free. 🙂

The children did colour in a dippy which you could make into a hat for a donation.  The shop was lovely too and we got some wonderful little treats for the kids.

All in all, to say it is free to visit Dippy, it was a wonderful experience and is definitely worth a visit. The Museum had lots of volunteers on hand with some wonderful dino facts, and everyone loved the marvellous Dippy.

But don’t take my word for it, spur of the moment question time, not quite sure what they kids are going to say…

Haha! Beautiful, that was better than expected. And yes, they are both in their bike gear, its raining, we are not going on bikes today but they wanted to try out their new gear!




*Names have been changed to nicknames, so our family friends aren’t really called Nana, Bebe and Little Bear, (in the same way my children aren’t really monkey and poppet! 🙂 ) although that would be cool!!

** It was a Megalosaurus by William Buckland, just in case you are interested.



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