*Book Review* Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (review by monkey)

By J K Rowling

I know Harry Potter has been out for a long time, and if you are a fan like me you have probably read it a few times over the years.

But for my son, who is 7 and has just finished Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone for the first time, it must be incredible. Experiencing a world of magic and experiencing a book for the first time is incredible and I thought it would be nice to share his view of his first reading so we can all remember what reading about the magic is like for the first time.

So, over to my son, whom we all affectionately call Little Monkey.

***Keep an eye out for the BEST PART OF THE REVIEW at 2 minutes 53 seconds!***

So, have you actually finished the whole first book?

Monkey: No, because I’ve lost it. (Mummy interrupts “No, you havent quite finished it because of the last chapter.”) Oh, yes!

And why is that? 

Monkey: Because it is scary, Voldemort might kill Harry Potter.

What do you think about the first book?

Monkey: It was good except the last chapter (Mummy: “which we haven’t read yet!”)

Was it exciting/scary/funny?

Monkey: It was scary for the last chapter and the first ones it was … (Poppet in the background “funny”), UNUSUAL. (Mummy “unusual…compared to other books, like books you read from school.) Yep. 

Recap of the book: 

Who is your favourite character?

(Poppet and mummy in the background “Harry Potter”, “Oh Harry Potter, Poppet! “Dobby”, “Dobby is in the second one”.

Monkey: Harry, Hermione and Ron, ( Mummy: Oh so you like the trio!) yes but Ron is the funniest.

Would you recommend this book? 

Monkey: Yes!

Who would you recommend it to? 

Monkey: Anybody who likes magic!

Any thoughts about Harry Potter in general? 

Monkey: I want to own Harry Potter!!

Would you like to try Harry Potter or know someone who would love it?

Check the books out at Amazon:

I hope you enjoyed Monkey’s first review, he was excited and is very happy with his video. He cannot wait to do the next one, so he’s happily picking his next book! You will have to keep an eye out as Poppet is desperate to be interviewed too! So if you like the random cuteness of Monkey’s video, Poppets cuteness will blow you away!!!!

Let me know what you thought of his first review, and please leave a comment with your first Harry Potter experience, or what it felt like to read one of your favourite books for the first time.


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