St Patrick Sun Catchers 

Following the post from over the weekend, we made sun catchers and for all of you out there interested, it is one of the simplest crafts I’ve ever set up and it kept the children entertained for ages. So if you are ever in need of a quick and easy craft idea, that isn’t too messy, why not give this a go?

What is needed:

Sticky back transparent film (like what used to be used to cover your book in school)

Coloured card

Small squares of tissue paper

I made a template for a shamrock (three leafed clover), a heart and egg for my girl, a shamrock, rainbow and bunny for my boy, and then used this to cut the shape in some card stock. We started with green card for the “shamrock” as we had talked a little about how Irelands colour is green and is known as the Emerald Isle! The choice of other shapes and colours, I left upto each child.

Shamrock template – a quick Pinterest search and I found lots of lovely templates. I do love a good Pinterest search!

After cutting out the shape, I covered the hole it left behind with sticky back, transparent film. I had previously cut up tissue paper into small squares, and I got my two crafters to tell me the colours of the rainbow, and I picked out those colours for them to use.
Now, they had everything they needed. I gave them some simple instruction to keep the pieces together and advised them to try not to leave gaps but then left them too it!



When she was finished, poppet held it up to the window and was amazed that the sun shone through the colours! It was a success! So much so, they wanted to make more. But I always like to finish a craft on a happy note, eager for more because then I know I can use it another day without them being bored of it. 

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