*Book Review* It Started with a Tweet

It started with a tweet
By Anna Bell

In today’s digital era, with new ways of interacting the digital world being created everyday, this fresh take on a social media obsessed thirty something is an amazing read.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media on a daily basis. I love the idea of it; staying in contact with people all over the world; seeing things I may never get the chance too, through the eyes of someones Instagram; the chance to share my story and my views through this wonderful platform. But, and this is a big BUT, I still want to live my life in the real world, meet real people when I can and I also want to share what I want to share and not become obsessed. It is a real fear that my children will grow up in a world where friendships are created over avatars, and relationships are grown from a tinder account. There is nothing wrong with moving with the times but I hope we don’t ever forget to connect with each other in the real world either.

I think this is why I love this story, I ferociously read it, and completed it within hours. Daisy is your typical Thirty-something career girl working in London, and she lives her life by her phone. Constantly checking her Facebook, posting photos of her food to Instagram, using 140 characters to describe how she is feeling to the entire world on her twitter feed and meeting guys by swiping right on Tinder. Sounds like typical activity for a millennial. Put this together with her slight obsession with all things social media, add in the fact she works in marketing and has complete control of her company’s twitter account, and slide in a complete accidental twitter slip on the wrong account and you have all the ingredients for a catastrophic life change coming her way.

After realising her life is in disarray, she agrees to a digital detox with her sister, whom has her own agenda for escaping life. The obsession with everything digital and social media is the crux of the story, it is what drives everything from beginning to end, and I think it is genius. I think we should make every young person read it, to realise that sometimes if you spend all your time looking at your phone, you sometimes miss out on whats right in front of your face.
The sub plots and side characters are what really make this story pure gold; the village gossips whom still chat and hear the gossip by word of mouth, the cute letters Daisy exchanges with a handsome but quiet man and Daisy not being able to instantly text her friend her news and having to send them hand written letters all make this story a genius account of todays digital world.

The friendships, relationships between sisters and the new men in Daisy’s life are a huge part of the story and it all fits seamlessly into why Daisy needs to take a step back from her digital persona and connect with the real life version of herself. I think this is the biggest draw of this story, finding a happy medium between your digital self and the real world.
My one and only point of criticism for this story, is the relationship between Daisy and Jack, which was blossoming beautifully and I realise with most books you have to have some point of antagonism or heart break or betrayal. But it felt really rushed towards the end, to get Daisy to be where she needed to be mentally and physically and Jacks sub story regarding his career, history with women and the girlfriend story was really short, overly dramatic and I don’t feel really gave much to the story. I think Jacks profession and what he does for women is a remarkable story and should have been given some more page time, but it felt rushed and put in last minute. I think something was needed to make Daisy come to her realisations back in London but I am not quite sure how I feel about all of it.
I think there is a time and place for social media, and we have to move with the times, and I love I can google something in seconds. So, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying lets all give up our Facebook accounts, but I do think a bit of time away from the digital world on occasion would really help, and I think this book is a true representation of living a bit too much on the digital plain and not so much in the real world.

Overall, I loved the story, characters and the whole social media obsession being the overall arc of the story is amazing. I love how at the beginning Daisy talks about her phone as if its real life being with feelings, and I think we can all relate with that. Sometimes when I leave the home without my phone, I feel like I’ve lost an arm but I soon get over it. Daisy is definitely social media obsessed at its highest level, but that is one makes this a funny and entertaining story. I won’t be giving up my blog, or Facebook anytime soon, but I may start having a digital free time in our house, just to make sure I don’t create the next generation of Daisy’s!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️★ 4/5 stars. A brilliant read, a genius and comedic outlook on what our digital obsessed future may look like. A little let down by the rushed ending.

Want to cheer yourself up? Do you want to check you’re not addicted to social media? Check out the book yourself, follow the link to Amazon. .

It Started With A Tweet: ‘The perfect laugh-out-loud love story’ Louise Pentland


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  1. As a millenial, I often get blank stares when I tell others that I don’t own a phone, we don’t have cable, and that I only have one form of social media used for marketing. In fact, I am a senior who just got her first personal device in the form of a slightly outdated ipod. This book sounds like an excellent read, and one I would definitely want to pass around to all of my friends. It’s about time some author tackled the more negative effects of social media through fiction.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I would love to have a digital detox but having my blog and social media as a way of sharing is vital so I couldn’t go for a long time but I love hearing this. I think we should relax on the digital life and enjoy be real world a bit more! So I congratulate you for being different! And this book is definitely worth a read! Thanks for commenting – I love hearing from my blog readers


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