Any excuse for a bit of….?

It’s St Patricks Day, so you can see where this post is heading….



Haha! I am a parent now, the answer was always going to be a spot of crafting! No Guiness fuelled partying for me anymore! Well not at the minute anyway!

I am going to start with an admission, as far as I am aware I have no Irish relatives and before today I really had no idea what St. Patricks Day was all about. I do not think I am alone in this, I am fairly confident most people in England who celebrate or go out or do anything for St Patricks day know what it is about. But being a parent, and using anything I can, to do something entertaining and educating is a win for me. So to Google I went, I usually would have been more for the “to the library” I go, but as I have been unwell, a quick internet search was all I could muster.

I have to admit, I am not sure if I am reading the wrong history articles or if I am completely misinterpreting the story of St Patrick but I got a little lost, and thought it might not be something I want to be telling my children all about at the minute. So instead we learnt all about Irish culture, traditions and most importantly we looked up some wonderful folk lore stories and myths, and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE a good story.  So we talked about the more typical elements of St Patricks, shamrocks, leprechauns and rainbows. All the things, my children can imagine and understand. fullsizeoutput_3073.jpeg

They both did some wonderful sun catchers in the shapes of clovers, rainbows and randomly my daughter did an egg, well it is nearly Easter.


Next we moved onto some cultural things I thought the kids would like. Poppet loved watching some videos of Irish dancing, she said it looked like tap dancing, something she has just gotten into but much faster and she doesn’t believe she could ever be that fast or look as good! her exact words were “but all those people are doing the same thing, at the exact same time!” Irish dancing was definitely a hit! For monkey, we needed something to grab his attention so obviously I went for food! We talked about what foods might be typical in Ireland, and whether he would enjoy some of the meals. But we also discussed what stereotypes might be, I found it really hard to explain what stereotyping was to a 7 year old without just saying well its a stereotype. 🙂 🙂

I love teaching and sharing things with my children, but I really want to share history and stories with them, not just my beliefs or views. I try to be really open and not succumb to stereotypes or misconceptions, but sadly we do all carry some. I try not and I am always learning and changing my perception to see the world fairly and with open eyes. Learning about other cultures and people is just step one for our little family into the big wide world, in the summer we are starting our travelling adventures. Monkey is desperate to see the colloseum, so we will be starting out journey in Rome! So, please forgive me if my next few months of blog posts are how to travel on a budget or best places to eat/sleep in Europe!



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