*Book Review* The Summer of Serendipity

The Summer of Serendipity
By Ali McNamara

Serendipity or “Ren” to her friends is a property seeker, and when she seeks out a property on the Emerald Isles, in a small friendly town called Ballykiltara, she soon “seeks” out more than she bargained for.

A beautiful tale of finding something you didn’t even know were searching for, set amidst the beautiful backdrop of fictional Ballykiltara in Ireland. I dare you not to fall in love with the town and the people. Romance, friendship, a mystery steeped in Irish folklore, and most of all a story of fulfilment. From Finns unusual past, to Ren’s heartbreaking tales of her best friends demise, qlots of quirky characters making you question everybody’s motives, all the way to Kiki’s (Rens personal assistant) somewhat daft but always endearing personality. This story had it all.

Whether it is the history, the location, the characters or the romance that draws you in, settle down with a warm drink, picture the peaceful town and drown yourself in this one.

Ren has always find a property that is just right for her clients, she has never failed and she prides herself on this. She has never settled for anything less than that, and even if it meant stepping on toes, and securing houses in unconventional ways, she always got her man, well house. But in Ballykiltara, she may have met her match in the Welcome House. For years, it has welcomed the lost, the lonely or the in need, seemingly without an owner or custodian, Ren wants this property for her client, and normally she wouldn’t stop at anything to get it. But this property is different, this property speaks to her very soul.

A house surrounding in mystery, a slow burning romance, quirky characters and wonderful imagery, that makes me feel like I am in Ireland. This story would probably not be a literary great for most people, but when you are finding the monotonous draw of everyday life is getting you down, and you are dreaming of the summer for holidays, romances and flings, this may just be the perfect book to escape with.

⭐️⭐️⭐️★★(3/5 stars) Overall, a lovely, quirky read that I would happily read again or recommend to a friend.

Fancy giving it a try?

The Summer of Serendipity



    1. Thanks for your comments! I completely understand not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, until a couple of years ago, I had never read any chick lit at all. But every January, I get a case of the Christmas blues and I stumbled across a Christmas chick lit, that made me feel better. And then I just carried on, I tend to read them to cheer me up. The positivity and romance and sometime beauty of the places/characters make me forget if I’m having a bad day! I read to escape so it depends how I’m feeling, lol! What is your type of book? I’m always looking for advice/inspiration or just a good book.

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