There is snow much snow!

Welcome to the snow blog of the day! It’s ice to see you!


“Oh its snow cold where you are!” It is here too!

The Beast from the East or Storm Emma has finally arrived. I have to admit I was sceptical, was it really going to come! Was the world panicking over nothing? Was my hopes of ever getting to make another snow angel dashed? Since moving to the South West, the snow fall has been lacking. Hailing from the Midlands, where we can get snow, and a lot of it. The South has been upsetting, not just for me but my kids too. I know, if I never mentioned snow they probably wouldn’t snow what they are missing, but I love snow, so I found it hard not to share that with my children. For the past three years, Monkey has put snow on his Christmas List and every year he has been disappointed, but not this year. The weather might be causing disruptions, and chaos. Shops may be selling out of food, and I know I am lucky to be home safe and sound. But I am also lucky to have two small children, who still see the wonder in playing in snow, and creating a friendly snowman  has been the best part of their day. In a world , where terrible things happen, and I know snow has caused and can cause lots of issues, I still love to see the amazement in the eyes of children when they get their first heavy snow fall. Also, for all the sad, horrible stories we hear regarding snow, there is a hundred happy, beautiful stories that restore our faith in humanity. So snow even brings out the best in people. This is one of my favourite stories.

I don’t know if you can tell from this little monologue but I love the snow! I am a winter person, WHAT?! I hear you all cry, especially you sun worshippers, I know crazy! But I am! I love rainy days, snowy cold days, in honesty I am not a big fan of the sun. I don’t mind in on occasion but sweating, burning and sun stroke takes its toll. Don’t get me wrong, freezing hands, cold heads and feet takes it toll too. But I do love a good snow day. I also know snow and bad weather can cause chaos and disruption, although I do think it gets and rep. Lets be honest sometimes snow gets the blame for a lot of things, when really its not always the snows fault. I know it’s snow laughing matter!

At this point you are probably wondering if this little love story to snow has a point, and I am going to disappoint a few of you and make a lot of you giggle, because in all honesty, No not really.

I just wanted to share some of the wonderful things, me and the kids have been up to in the snow. If you follow me on instagram/twitter you may have already seen some of our escapades, if not go check them out! Don’t worry I’ll wait! 🙂

Why not share some of your pictures too? Or stories of the snow, good or bad! As much as I love a good snow story, I am happy to hear your moans too! I accept it is not everyones cup of tea.

We made snowmen, and a snow dog, but I cannot find my photo! We took the dogs for a fun walk, and ran around in the snow, had snowball fights and made snow angels! You are never too old to make a snow angel! And you know what, it was snow much fun! I know you are wondering how many more snow puns can she fit in this blog post, just one more I promise!

Thank you snow much for reading! Please share your lovely photos, scary snow pictures, heart warming snow stories or your moaning stories, I want to hear them all!


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