Complete write off!


“Celebrating New Year with a big kiss!!”

Hello Everyone! Firstly I have a massive apology to make, I had so many great ideas and things I wanted to share with you all over Christmas. But I was in hospital at the beginning of December, and I haven’t recovered properly now. I think I’ll cover my illness in another post, because I think it has lead to an important part of my life and deserves more than a gloss over. However, as I was ill for most of December and January has taken up quite a lot of my time and energy just getting the kids to school and myself to work, in between Drs appointments, medication and pain, I haven’t found the time to write. But I hoping, that as things settle, and my need to share with you all grows, I will slowly get back to my blog, reading and reviews.

Secondly, I usually go a little crazy at Christmas and i would usually have lots of events, trips, crafts and all sorts to share with you, but as I mentioned my December didn’t go to plan. I will cover a few little things we did, as it will be nice to share with you all, but unfortunately its too late to give out some inspiration which is what I love to do more than anything. I get my inspiration from everywhere, including reading some wonderful blogs online. My biggest dream for this blog would be to be that blog for other people. A source of inspiration, joy and love.


“Feeling the love this year! Kissing my Maccy D’s Moose! Love him”

January has also not got off to the best start – in terms of having to fit lots of in, and everyone still be a bit tired and myself still suffering a bit so everyone else has to pick up the slack -but no fear, i won’t let it get to me. I am not a “January is rubbish, so the rest of the year will be” kind of person. I am more of a, “we only get given what we can deal with” sort of person, and I try to be a bright side person. I do have off days, and down days especially if I am in pain but mostly, I am just thankful for my children, my husband, and my family and friends.

So hopefully, I will catching up on a few blog posts on why I’ve been ill, hopefully spreading a bit of knowledge, christmas, what I have in store for the new year, I have completed a few books, so if you specifically like my book reviews, keep an eye out for them. I am also hoping to fit more fun activities and day trips with my children, so that will fun to share too.

It is a bit late but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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