The Return of the Elves.

Larken The Elf

Meet Larken! Larken is a tricky little elf who visits us every year. He keeps an eye on the children, helps Santa, brings the children fun things to do leading up to Christmas but can be mischievous. He isn’t naughty, but often likes to play tricks and join in silly shenanigans.

Larken has been visiting our house for 6 years now, the children love him and they get so excited when he finally arrives. This year he arrived early! Normally, its the first of December. But horror of all horrors, he got lost on the way from the North Pole (we couldn’t find him). So in a panic, we got all the decorations down from the Attic early, but do not fear! Mr Butterfly Child saved the day, and all was not lost. So, rather than return everything to the attic for one more day, Larken has arrived early, but did he come alone?!

A few weeks ago, monkey asked when Larken would be here, and I said in a few weeks, the First of December as normal, and he looked puzzled at me. Monkey and Poppet sat at the Dining table whispering together, and I asked what they were up to? The cutest thing ever, was the answer. They had both helped each other write a letter to Santa asking if Larken could have a sister, and if we could “adopt” her too. So off the letter went to the North Pole and the children waited.

Larken brought a friend, a sister to be exact to help in the preparation for Christmas this year, and the children got so excited last night, I thought I would never get them to bed. I said they could each sleep with 1 elf for tonight, and after that they would need to report to Santa every night to check on toy making, the nice list and all the other things, busy elves have to help with.

Lyric The Elf

I am not sure if I am crazy or stupid for adding an extra elf into the mix but the children love them, and Larken is very much part of our family. I was really sad when I couldn’t find him, so I am glad all is well and Christmas can continue in our house. As we have adopted her, she is quite new to the North Pole, Santa said we had to name the elf. We have a bit of a thing for “L’s” in our house, so we took to google to give us a list of names beginning with L. We searched and couldn’t agree on anything. We quite like unusual names so I came across this one, and asked the children. We had a winner, both kids like it and Mr Butterfly Child nodded. Mamma wasn’t too keen, but four out of five isn’t bad. Say hello to Lyric!


I imagine Lyric is going to help Larken to get up to lots of mischief and will undoubtably be a pain in my … bum! But we love the fun and happiness the elves bring this time of year and I cannot wait.*

*A slight note of delay, usually I go crazy but as I am still in recovery, my kind Mum will be keeping a close eye on the elves for me!

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