C*******s is coming…

Yes, yes its November and I have heard a lot of mumblings of its too early and its twelve days for a reason etc., etc. Christmas is not a swear word in our house. Granted my husband is not a huge fan of getting excited too early, but each year we have been together, he relaxes that little bit more. So much so, that in November Christmas is now a word we use all the time.

Last year, my mum was in hospital for nearly the whole of December so we didn’t do as many of the wonderful festivities and activities as we normally do, so this year I wanted to make everything perfect. Obviously life had other plans as I am now, lay up in bed recovering from appendicitis or something. But I will not be deterred, Christmas is an amazing time of the year, and my favourite time of the year. My mum and my husband, thankfully are happy to pick up some of my slack, I am hoping I recover quickly so we can do all the things I have planned; from an at home nativity, carol singing to crafts and visits to Santa, I love everything about Christmas and as I am feeling sorry for myself I thought now was a good time to start looking into things I can do from my sickbed.

On this note, we don’t put our decorations up until at least the first of December, and we have a friendly elf that comes to stay with us. So even though, we have a few more days until Christmas goes full steam ahead in our house, now is a good a time as any to start thinking about activities and crafts. Stay tuned for my round ups of Pinterest arts and crafts, what will probably be some hilarious practices of our “at home nativity”, written and starring my two beautiful children in various roles, a countdown to Christmas and possibly other musings as they spring to mind.

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