A perfect day… book and a tea!

For a long time, my dream has been to own a tea and book shop! It’s one of those dreams, where you have dreamt of it for so long, it feels like a part of me. But its also one of those dreams, where you know it will probably never come true but you keep dreaming it anyway, just incase.

Recently, I went back to work. I want to still see the kids, and do school runs etc, so I am working part time and I am actually really enjoying it. I love to work, and I like my children to know how important a good work ethic is, but I also want my children to know that dreams and aiming for them is also really important too. I would love for them to know that if you do want something, try and give it a go. Don’t live in regrets!

On this note, I am not about to dive into opening a tea and book shop, because I also know that as a grown up, its not that easy. But I am hoping to take a step towards this goal. In my spare time, I am looking at starting a book and tea subscription box. Subscription Boxes are really taking off, and I have been looking at ordering some for myself, as a monthly gift to me. I had an idea for my own box subscription. Its only in the early stages, and I am currently doing some market research. If you have five minutes spare, I would really appreciate if you took the time to fill in my survey. Thank you.

Find it here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/T93KCPC

I am really excited, as there is nothing I love more than a good book with a beautiful cup of tea! Sharing this with like minded people, or opening up reading to even more people would be as close to my dream as possible.

To follow along on my adventure, please keep an eye out for a tea and a book posts or visit my new webpage https://athenabooks.wordpress.com

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