Unexpected exciting weekend…

Have you ever had to wait a really long time for something? Have you ever had to wait so long for something, that when it finally happens, it comes as a total surprise and leaves you little shocked? This happened to me this weekend, and it made me appreciated how lucky I really am.

We had a house on the market, and for a while I thought we would never sell it. It seemed to take an age, but the day was finally drawing nearer but we still have no date. Well, it finally all came together at the end of this week. It was half expected but I was still waiting for something else to go wrong. So when Mr Butterfly Child suggested putting a deposit down on a new car, and getting some quotes for new windows, and to think about where I wanted to go celebrate. I didn’t believe it would happen, so I didn’t really do much.

We out a deposit down, but in all honesty, I was worried. What if it never completed? What if the money never came entered out banks? I am a born worrier, so every worry possible, i thought! We had a gentleman round to give us a quote for windows, and we agreed to see him soon. But again, I was still waiting for the, “well, its delayed again!” speech from our solicitors. Friday was the day, the morning came and went without any news. I am now worried!
I called Mr BC, he had assured me the money was on its way, and it would simply be a case of refreshing his bank and the money would be there. I did not believe this and spent the next few hours worrying.

The garage was closing at 5:30pm, we had to drive 30 minutes to the garage. Kids needed collecting from school at 3:30pm, and we had to hadn’t the keys over at 5pm. If you’re scratching your head thinking, yeah so! Well at 3:00pm, as myself and Mr BC waited for the gates to open to school, he refreshed and there sat waiting for us, was the fruits of our labour. But we had to collect our children, get across Somerset in rush hour on a Friday, pay for and collect a car, get back to hand over keys and feed the children at some point. We were so excited, we didn’t want to wait until Monday, we wanted our new car for the weekend.

Luckily for us, my mum happily stayed to collect the children, and my sister lives near school. So collecting the children was sorted and we were on our way! Everything else went smoothly, we collected our car! I got a selfie with it, as you do, and we headed for home. We met our buyer, handed over the keys and that was the end of our excitement.

We have spent the rest of the weekend celebrating our new car, having some money and generally being thankful. We haven’t always had the best luck, but we have always made do with what we have, and have always been grateful for a roof over our heads, food in our tummies and amazing family and friends. But it is so nice to finally be able to say something has worked out well for us.

We all try to be good people, we have great days and we have bad days, but we always try to be kind and helpful and there for others if we can, as they have been for us. Even when we have had terrible luck, and everything seems against us, I have met some wonderful people who have helped me in my time of need and when I have a good weekend like this one, it reminds me of how lucky we really are, I have survived all the bad days, and I have come out of the other side. I might have been able to do this on my own, but luckily I haven’t had too, and that is why I am so lucky.

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