Remembrance Sunday 2017

My family do a lot of things that make me proud of them, they do a lot of things that wind me up too, but mostly they make me proud. Sometimes, its little things that other people might not think of being something to be proud of, but I am a big believer in praising people, and seeing the beauty in everything. Simple things like monkey remembering to hold hands with poppet when crossing the road, my husband driving the long way round, so I can see the beauty of the world from the top of Ham Hill as the sun sets. My two children joining beavers and rainbows and promising to be kind and helpful. Today was also one of those days.


We don’t go to church as often as we should, but when we do, I am always really proud of my children. They are both live wires, who love to talk, can’t sit still and genuinely could ask more questions in five minutes than most people do in a lifetime. Today for the Remembrance Service, Little Monkey sat with his Beaver troop and Poppet sat next to me, and they were both incredible. We had a few whispered questions from Poppet but that was to be expected, she has only just turned 5. But my little monkey was incredible, he joined in on the parade, he was quiet when he was supposed to be, he sang the Lords Prayer and joined in on the National Anthem, all whilst being sat away from his family. When it came to a blessing, he decided he wanted to come with myself and poppet but that was ok. Mr Butterfly Child joined in the Parade and looked dashing in his uniform. Nothing makes me feel proud, sad, happy and confused more than seeing him all dressed up in his uniform. It is a mixed emotion day for myself, as for so many others. It is important we don’t forget those fallen, or why we lost them. But it is also a reminder, that a part of our family, our hearts go away still, and sadly sometimes they still don’t return.

We have been talking about Poppies, Remembrance and why it is important a lot lately. We are a Forces family, my husband, Mr Butterfly Child, is serving in the Royal Navy, and so it is really important for us, for our children, to understand our past, to keep remembrance alive and explain what it is daddy does. Its hard when our children are so young to explain what daddy does, or why we wear poppies, or why we have to remember those we have lost in wars gone by, or honour service personnel today. But it is especially important to our family. I want our children to appreciate what daddy does, and know that when (and it will be soon) he goes away again, he is doing something important and we should all be so very proud of him, as I am everyday.

(Poppet got to bring Rainbow bear home – so she coloured some poppies with him)

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