Pass it on…

I have always loved reading! For as long as I can remember I have never been anywhere without a book, and I always have at least 3 on my bedside table, and I generally have a good 2 – 3 books on the go at any one time.

I think in most part, I can be thankful to my mum for this love. She is also an avid reader, and I learnt to read at a really early age. This love has carried me through my life, and my tastes have changed, grown and I hope will stay with me for my whole life. There is nothing quite like settling down in a comfy chair with a good book and a nice tea.

As you all know, I now have my own children. I try to read to them every day, and I encourage them to read there own school books every evening. We love to visit the library and borrow books, and I always try to get the pair of them to choose different books and broaden their own interests too.

My son loves to read, and astounds me everyday by his learning and understanding. He brings home a wide variety of books, last week it was a dinosaur fact book, this week was Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss. At home, he has just started reading Harry Potter to himself. I could not be more proud when he came to me with a bookmark about 4 pages in and said “Mummy, I just read this”. He is slowly making progress, it is quite hard read for a nearly 7 year old. But I am so proud he is even giving it a go, even if he reads only one page a day. My daughter has just started reception and is just starting on her reading journey and she is so excited to be able to read like her brother. Any fear I had that my love and passion for reading wasn’t being passed on, was all in vain. My children love books, they love to read, to hear stories and even make top their own stories. I may share sons story one day all about a monster called The Podding! Its good stuff for a 6 year old.

As I write this, my daughter is being read a fairy book by her Grandma and my son is reading his school book, I am thankful we all share this love and we all love to hear about books we have read or are reading. I love that it doesn’t matter if we don’t all like the same things, and it is a big deal if we don’t always read the same books. We do all love to share if we have read a good book, and we are all happy to try a new book to see if we will like it.

As a family, we love to experience the outdoors, we like to climb trees, play hide and seek and run through fields. But reading for us, is an adventure that you never have to leave your house to enjoy. Plus we take our favourite stories with us. As we walk around big manor houses, at least one of us will stand in a fireplace and say “Diagon Alley”, or walking around Ikea we always look in wardrobes, just in case Narnia is hidden amongst one of them. Poppet is always on the look out for a ballet fairy, ice dancing fairy or whichever fairy she has read about that week. Little monkey is always reading new facts about dinosaurs, and if he can bring them out into every day conversation, he will!

We have a lot of hobbies, and we are always embroiled in something exciting, fun or challenging. But we always have time to sit down, pick a favourite book and read it aloud.

Out of all the things I could have passed onto my children, I am glad one of those things was my love of reading. I wish everyone could have been surrounded by books as much as I have been, and if I can excite/ignite a love for books in just one person, I will be pleased.

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