Best Laid Plans and all that…

Poppets Birthday party was a success! As always there were a few hiccups along the way, but overall the whole party was amazing! In my excitement, rush, manic running around and playing a few games of musical zombies, I did not get any pictures! In fact no – one did! We all had so much fun, playing the carnival games, party games, eating and generally having a fabulous time, we completely forgot to capture the moment. Luckily, my memory is still pretty sharp and this party will be remembered for all the right reasons for a long time to come.

We didn’t really get photos but I did get Happy Birthday being sung, and Poppet blowing out her candles and the look on her face, and seeing how happy she is was worth all the effort.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 12.52.29.png


I have planned a fair few parties in my life, and I believe I have many more parties left to plan, but I have learnt a few lessons over the years. I have learnt a few more from this party, I am going to share some top tips with you, so hopefully you won’t have the same pitfalls.

  1. Always allow more time than even you thought possible.

As you have seen from all my previous posts, I planned this party weeks in advance. And on the day of the party, I still needed more time. We had the hall for two hours before the party even  started to decorate and sort food etc., and it wasn’t long enough. So if you think you need 3 hours, always plan for more.

2. If it can be done before the party, do it!

Don’t be fooled into thinking a little activity won’t take long, I’ll do it on the morning! Stop! If it can be done before the morning of the party, do it! I wanted spooky faces drawing on the fruit (easy peelers and bananas), this would have looked epic! However, I thought it won’t take long, I’ll do it when were putting the packed lunches together. First mistake, it took so long to draw pumpkin faces on 24 satsumas, we had to abandon the bananas, and now we have 12 bananas to eat. Don’t worry it won’t be a problem in this house, with Mr Butterfly Child and little monkey around, they both love their food.

3. Relax! Enjoy it!

I love arranging parties, and I love the little details which make my parties special. I hope that my children enjoy them too, but every year I tell myself I will relax and enjoy it more next time. Join in more activities, just play with the kids more and every year, I spend the first half of the party checking everything I have made/planned is going to plan. I don’t really relax until the last half and then the party is nearly over. This year, so many things went wrong, or didn’t quite go to plan. Do you know how many kids noticed though? None! Not one! They loved the party regardless! So relax and have fun!

4. Let people help!

I always try to do everything myself! I may ask my mum or sister for some last minute help, but generally I try to do this crazy working mother/ wonder mummy bit, and do everything myself. You know what, it never works out and I always end up burned out, tired and usually get ill the next day! I have an amazing family and wonderful best friends and I know if I asked for any help from them, they would be there in an instant but we all have lives, and most of my family and friends live really far away. Since moving to Somerset, and the kids starting school I have made some excellent mummy friends! And they all helped and I really appreciate it! I did ask for help from some, and others just helped out because they saw I could do with the help! Now that is friendship!

5. My final tip…

Enjoy every year you get with your children, every birthday, halloween, easter and christmas but don’t forget the little things. I know my children would appreciate and enjoy any kind of party I throw, and I know I don’t need to make the effort I do. But I enjoy it, not just for them but for me. I love to be creative and I love chatting to the kids and seeing what they want, and what we can do. The build up to the party is half the fun!  Enjoying the big moments but don’t forget to appreciate the little ones too! Jumping in puddles, cuddling up on the sofa watching films, reading their favourite book for the fifth time that day, explaining what a rainbow or anything else that we do every day. I know its said all the time but its true. They will only be little for such a short time, enjoy it!

If you think this will be the end of my crazy crafty, planning monologue., don’t be fooled! We here at Butterfly Child HQ are Christmas Ambassadors! So it won’t be long before we start on all things Christmassy! In the meantime, I am still trying to catch up on my Good reads challenge, so keep an eye for my next few book reviews.


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