It is time….

Welcome to the mad house!

I am going to be crazy busy today, it has arrived, my little poppets birthday party. The cake is ready, the balloons are nearly blown. I will be spending most of my day running around like a headless chicken.  I have some photos to upload of my last few minute makes, and my cake, oh my glorious cake! It’s not amazing but I think it turned out ok. You will all see it soon, so be kind!

I want to showcase the day, with all of my little activities in use. So keep an eye out for an update later to see how the party went. Or if you follow me on twitter or instagram, I will probably be updating as much as possible.

After all the hard work, chaos and blood spilled, joking! Although we had a near miss with the pumpkin carving yesterday, everything is almost ready, and we are all very excited!

I would love to hear some feedback from you all, once I have uploaded all the party information. It has been a family effort, and everyone has worked so hard, and I really hope the day goes well. I would love to hear your party makes, see cakes you’ve all made, even mishaps at your parties as I imagine were probably going to have a few of those too! 🙂

**** Update****

I did not get any photos to share from the party! Terrible mummy, whoops! But I did get some photos of my cake!

Here is my halloween unicorn cake:




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