Time Flies…

Today was the day, my little poppets birthday (not party yet, its not quite over yet! Party is on Saturday). Five years old today, and the saying is true. Time really does fly. Its a bizarre feeling; feeling like her birth was only yesterday and also not quite remembering how she got so grown up. I don’t know if its just me that feels like this, or if every parent in the world feels it. But each year, even though I remember her birth like it was yesterday, it also feels like a lifetime ago.

My baby, isn’t a baby anymore. I tell her all  the time, she will always be my baby. In reality, I have an incredible, talented, beautiful girl. She knows exactly what she wants, and pretty much always knows how to get it, she has taken to school like a duck to water.  She reads books and tries to write words. She dances and sings to songs on the radio, songs I don’t even know. I got trapped in the disney world for the last few years, and I am not sure I am ready to “let it go”, but here she is strutting her stuff to Symphony or some other new song. She was kindly given the latest Now CD by her Aunty, apparently my CD’s and Heart radio just isn’t cutting it anymore. She has always been into music and dancing, but I thought I had a few more years of making her listen to my songs, in hopes we would like the same music forever. But as much as I would love that, I am so glad I have a little girl, who wants to try new things, and isn’t afraid to say “but I like this one, mummy!” Also, its opening my world back up again, I have been out of the loop for some years now, and between her and my little monkey, I am beginning to see the world in a whole new light again (come on – who thought I was going to say whole new world! its ok, I thought it.)


I am not sad* my little girl is growing up, I knew the day would come and I embrace it. I want to discover new things, and see the world through eyes of wonder and amazement. I am not saying I want her to become a teenager overnight, although I hear that may happen, but I do look forward to discovering everything about my children. Their personalities, their tempers, their hobbies, hates and mostly finding things we love individually and together as a family.

(*Well ok a little sad! Its hard not to be when your youngest is going off to school, and you are returning to work and everything feels like its changing. But just as I start to get the sinking feeling that my little guys don’t need me as much anymore. They crawl up next to me on the settee, and cuddle me tight and ask me to come tuck them in, and say good night. And you know what, when they ask me for one more kiss, or cuddle or book, I might, might just do it.)

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