Almost Finished!

Party is on Saturday 28th, birthday is tomorrow! Trying to get a party finished and make sure you don’t accidentally forget to do something on the actual birthday is a huge thing for a parent. Even though its the holidays, we thought we will still do weekend just in case, but that means its 5 days after her actual birthday. I have been going crazy trying to finish off birthday games, party bags and decorations. I woke up yesterday morning, I thought what about all her presents and everything. Its her birthday on Monday, I’ve had to wrap all the presents quick and a mad dash to the shop yesterday for balloons, a banner and a cake for tea after I finish work. But after all that, its nearly here! My little poppet is nearly 5 years old, and the party planning is coming together nicely!


I’ve made lunch bags for individual food, which if you’ve got good memories, and as long as it looks good enough, do match her invites.

I’ve done a bit of upscaling, and I have remodelled some balloon trees we used for my sisters wedding two months ago. I just added new ribbon and I am making some balloon models to sit on top; a bat, a spider, a ghost and two pumpkins. IMG_7324.jpg

My final make for the day is slowly being revealed over on twitter, so have a look before I do the big reveal. I decided to make this little guy because even though my little poppet wanted halloween, she specifically wanted not scary. I have been on the lookout for cute halloween ever since, and this one thing I could not find that didn’t look a bit scary, so I’m making my own. Heres a clue, and yes I have my obligatory mug of tea with it. IMG_7323.jpg

After this weekend, I am at work all week. So I am entrusting the small cakes, biscuits and other food to my mum and sister, keep your fingers crossed for me. The main cake I am attempting myself in the evenings, it was originally going to be a ghost. But she saw a halloween unicorn in a tesco magazine, so I will attempting this over the course of the next few days. Keep an eye on my twitter/instagram for some sneaky peaks or possibly annoyed/stressed tweets as I try to do a crazy cake!

Give me a shout if any of you have any hints or tips! Or any good wine I drink whilst making it, I don’t think tea is going to cut it!

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