Why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball?

… Because he had nobody to go with!

I thought I would start with a really cheesy joke, so your expectations are not set too high!

As you may be aware I have been planning my daughters party and scouring the internet for games, decorations, food and everything to make it a wonderful party.

I gave a bit of a countdown of some of the collection of things I found. I have also given making some of my own a go! I am impressed with my creations, and my mum says they’re good, so you know, mums can’t lie!

In all seriousness, I love making things, trying new craft ideas, and I love nothing more than a good theme and getting my kids involved in making things.

I think I have built the anticipation enough, here are my versions of tin can alley (monster selection, pumpkin and ghosts), witches hat hoop-la, and monster bean bag toss.


This is probably the poorest showing of witch hat hoop-la you may ever see, so thats an achievement. I could not find my glue or my glue gun, so tape it was. It will do, and after 25 children have tried throwing glowsticks around them, they may look better. I can live in hope.


I really like how my pumpkin pots turned out. The pots were see through, and I didn’t want to cover them. Whilst trying to think what I could do with these, my son put tissue paper in one and I thought, that will work. Out came the orange tissue paper, and my trusted Sharpie and away I went.


Originally, these cups were supposed to be ghosts, but I am not sure what they are now. I quite liked just drawing lots of different faces, I don’t think any of them particularly look scary or ghostlike. But they are cute and thats all that counts in this house.


This set, this set I am especially proud of. I need to redo the blue monster, as you cannot see the face. But other than that, I love how good they all came out. My son really likes e the frankensteins monster one, but I have to admit I really like the mummy! What can I say mummies should stick together.

I haven’t got a photo of my bean bag toss monster yet, but I will update as soon as I’ve got one. Well, be brutal! What do you all think? Did I pinterest pass or fail? Have you guys ever made some carnival games or halloween themed crafts that you want to share?


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