*Book Reviews* Credible Justice

Credible Justice: Fighting Back (Credible Justice #1)

by Gerry Stewart

Credible Justice is the first book in a series of crime justice books, based around a vigilante type set of unsanctioned police/agents from UK and USA working together to bring justice to the streets. A self published crime story from Gerry Stewart, I won this book in a goodreads challenge. It is my first experience of self published work, so I had no expectations going in, I didn’t read any reviews just the blurb.

The blurb ends with “Not a group of super heroes, but a team of dedicated men and women, prepared to break the rule of law to achieve a sense of justice. Controversial? Absolutely! Does it work? You decide.” I actually think the idea for this book is really good, I like crime dramas, and I read to escape reality a lot of the time, so even though i believe in our justice system in the real world, reading about police getting justice over the rule of law is still something interesting and intriguing. It is a controversial subject but the challenges the police face, and knowing that bad people get away without punishment is obviously an upset for anyone, so why not have a look into a world where vigilante police are seeking their own justice.

It took me a while to read this story, as you all know, I have two children and I work full time, so I don’t always have time to read. However, if I really love a book, I cannot bare to put it down. But I did enjoy this story, I had a few issues with it, which I think could have been picked up, int he editing and publishing stage, but otherwise it is a good story, I have read better but I’ve also read worse.

For me the biggest pitfall was the disjointed storytelling. It skipped from one scene to another without a paragraph break, a new chapter or any sign that the area, conversation or people had changed. I kept up fine, so it didn’t affect my overall enjoyment of the book, but it would have made an easier read and perhaps I would have finished it quicker. My other objection, is that for me I want to connect to the characters. I didn’t get a feel for these characters, there isn’t much back story other than what was needed to carry some of the initial mystery of “who is the vigilante?” I want to connect to the characters, feel for them, fall in love with them, cheer along or hate them.
I liked the the main couple of Snyder and Ryan, I would like to hear more of their story, see more personality from them.

This book is described as a story of action, intrigue, romance, humour and moral dilemma. From the bat I could see all the action, intrigue, moral dilemmas etc, but romance. I could see a hint of flirting but I would say it didn’t lead me to believe there would be much romance, however the declaration of love in the middle of the book, may just be the best and probably most realistic declaration I have ever read. In most books, the hero/guy/protagonist has some big romantic gesture or there is some catalyst which causes a romantic moment. In real life, usually gestures/declarations of love are usually a bit more low key or unplanned. The book is worth a read just to see this realistic declaration from one of our main characters.

The book is fairly short, and so the action is kept at the forefront of the story, which is good if you like your action packed books, I think in future books, this could be scaled back a bit, as sometimes the story line felt rushed, and it felt like maybe I had skipped a few pages or missed something. The mystery of the vigilante, which is built up in the first couple of chapters, literally takes pages to come to a conclusion. I actually liked the building up of the mystery, but it was resolved too soon. A little bit of intrigue can really keep a book going.

Overall, I liked the idea behind the story, and I think it could be an excellent book with a little bit of editing and forethought in terms of storytelling, format and continuity. Character development is so important to me as a reader, but this can be remedied as there will hopefully be future books in this series. I’d like to get a feel for a character, and if you have some really strong male and female leads, I want to fall in love, envy, dream about, hate or be intrigued by a character. My hopes are that in future books, I will get more of a glimpse into the characters backstory and personalities.

I am really happy I won this book in the Goodreads challenge, its nice to read a book I might not have picked off the shelves. It also came personalised and signed by the author, which is lovely and I am just sorry it took me so long to read. I really enjoyed it, once I got stuck into it. The writing style could use some work but I could feel Gerry Stewart was connected to his story, they always say write what you know, and I think he has done that, it needs a bit of polishing but its a good story.



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