*Book Review* Die Trying

Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2)
by Lee Child

I enjoyed the first Jack Reacher, it was a tad slow and I didn’t immediately warm to Jack and so I found I wasn’t itching to continue straight away with the second one so I put off starting Die Trying for a while.

Once I picked it up, I found I could not put it down. This is generally the case for me, its not often I start book and not finish it in one night. Since having children though, its not that easy. Die Trying was really engaging from start to finish, and I’m slowly falling in love with Jack Reacher, partly because I want to look after him, and feed him soup! I think I have a bit of a thing for under dogs, (waifs and stray if you ask my mother!) vulnerable characters or characters with a bit of an attitude and issues. Jack Reacher definitely falls into this category, we didn’t learn much about him in the first one, and he is still the same stoic character in the second but we do start to seem more of a glimpse of him as a person.

The story is a whole new level of mystery and thriller, again the secondary characters are just as intriguing as the main character.Again we find Jack Reacher living by himself but he is working as a doorman to gain some money before we assume he moves on again. Being a gentleman, he offers assistance to a young woman on crutches and again gets pulled into a thrilling cross country mystery. Holly Johnson is the woman of the hour, an FBI agent that has been kidnapped. But unlike your usual lady victims in novels, you would not want to mess with Holly. There are moments where you can see she is scared and quite rightly so, but she holds herself with such bravado and courage, she quickly become a character you wanted to back and win.

It is exciting, and dangerous and you definitely get sucked into Jack’s journey along with Holly, this is a story that really makes me feel part of the adventure as if your living along with the characters.

My only issue was the ending, for me the first book had a fair bit of action but moved quite slowly, and still didn’t feel like we got very far with character progression. In this instalment, I felt like after all the excitement and adrenalin of the whole book, the ending was anti climatic for me. Plus I get the feeling we are never going to find out what happens to the minor characters, and for the entire book you are so engaged with everybody not just Jack that it leaves me feeling a little sad we don’t get to hear what happens to most of the characters after the story. I know I will hear from Jack when I start the next book, but it would be nice to get more of an ending for more of the characters.

Overall, I enjoyed the second in the Jack Reacher novels and it has left me wanting to read more, as a working mother of two, as much as I cannot wait o start the next book , it isn’t always that easy. But I will be making notes ready for next review when I get chance to read it.

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