The Problem with Peppa

I think every parent on the planet recognises this pig! Poppet is still at an age where she enjoys a bit of Peppa Pig. I’m not a fan! Is any parent a fan? img_6902.jpg

I really try not to let her watch it. But she is allowed to pick something to watch on her iPad on tv, for half an hour in the evening before bed. And unfortunately, sometimes she picks Peppa!

For me, Peppa Pig is not a very good programme on any level. Peppa is mean spirited, a bit of a bully,  and rude to pretty much everyone she meets. The parents are not setting the greatest example, and let the children get away with lots of really inappropriate things either by laughing or sighing “oh Peppa!” I just can’t see the appeal, but apparently it is like gold dust to a toddler (up to 5 year old), and it has to be pretty popular as they have built a theme park dedicated to it. The theme park is based at Paultons Park which is not far from us, and has a new part called The Lost Kingdom, all about Dinosaurs. My son is a huge fan of Dinosaurs, and I has been asking if he could visit for a while now. And of course, Poppet heard all about Peppa Pig world. So I told them if they got enough House Points* over a whole year, we would see about getting tickets.

The end of the summer holidays – we counted our points and we had agreed they had to reach 2000 points between them. I had sort of hoped they wouldn’t reach it, Peppa Pig was not exactly a high priority for me. However, they had both worked really hard, and had amassed 4000 points between them. So, a Sunday in September came along, and we were ready for our adventure.


The best ride for us was probably the Rabbits helicopter ride. Monkey is a little scared of heights, but it was Poppets turn to pick the ride. We queued, and we queued and queued some more. I asked if monkey wanted to go on, and he could make up his mind. So we waited in the queue, and eventually he said “I’ll go on it, but I want to sit next yo you mummy!” Perfect! He was going on a ride and if he got scared he could cuddle me. After all, I’m not exactly fond of heights!:)

It was a success! Monkey loved it, Poppet loved it! Check out the pictures below where we are showing our pretend scared faces. We enjoyed it so much, we even managed to take the mick out of ourselves.


Poppets face does look more puzzled than scared, probably because she wasn’t scared in the first place, and was thinking that mummy and monkey need to get out more! 🙂

Waiting for Grandad Dogs boat ride! The queues were a little long, and as you can see excitement is starting to wear off.


We decided it was probably time for change, and we wanted to fit all the places in that each child wanted to see, so off we went to find The Lost Kingdom.

The Lost Kingdom, I believe is quite new to the park, which might explain why it wasn’t incredible. It was good, a huge improvement on sound effects from Peppa Pig which was basically just the theme tune, over and over and on repeat. But I think I was expecting more dinosaurs than what we got. However, that is from an adults perspective. My son loved it! We journeyed first into The Lost Kingdom by going on a dinosaur safari. My children are both so small they could not see over the wall between the beginning and the exit, so it looked like all the cars were coming back empty. So my son being the imaginative creature he is, told everyone the dinosaurs must have been eating all the people before us, but we are safe because my son also believes he is a dinosaur.


Heres a safari truck returning with no passengers! And yet my brave children still intended on going on safari and hopefully getting a safari license we had seen on the way round. IMG_6916.jpgIMG_6920.jpgI even got daddy to smile for this picture! We really enjoyed the safari! We won’t give any secrets away, but we managed to not get eaten, but  the kids did jump a few times!

Little monkey especially liked this guy! He was good!


So we had ventured around The lost Kingdom, we went on a few more rides but a lot of them were aimed at older children.

So we moved onto Paultons Park, and after spending a good few hours in the two places the kids wanted to go, the kids favourite ride from the whole day turned out to be an old favourite of mine, The Log Flume. We rode it 6 times in a row and got drenched but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We spent a huge part of our day walking around the place itself. It was beautiful, with lots of hidden gardens, and pretty landscaping and also lots of wild creatures to discover.

We saw an iguana, a chameleon, some birds and then we had chance to discover some really spectacular crazy animals….


Newly discovered creatures in with the grasshoppers, a little monkey and a poppet!

After all that excitement, and money spent – because we can’t forget the 45 minutes we spent in the shop. We headed home, and both children fell asleep for a good part of the journey, and they missed a beautiful sight.


What a beautiful end to a perfect day! Me and the husband saw about 6 balloons that evening, and two gliders. It was a spectacular sight and I’m sad the kids missed it, but there will be plenty more beautiful sights for them to see on our next adventure.


*I am a huge Harry Potter fan and thankfully my children have followed in my footsteps, so a year ago we chose our houses and we made my dining room into a sort of great hall. Every house has a jar and fir good behaviour, we gain house points and lose them for bad behaviour. Adults included.

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