Crazy but fun times ahead

Starting today our house is going to be on crazy mum alert. October to March is a crazy, hectic and amazing time in our household. Starting with Poppets birthday followed closely by Halloween and then all bets are off as we get in the Christmas Spirit early in our house. In fact, if you ask any of my children, we try to keep the spirit of Christmas all year long, we like to think of ourselves, (stealing the phrase from some Christmas film – bonus points if anyone can remind me which one it is) as Christmas Ambassadors, keeping the spirit all year long. We don’t keep our decorations up or sing White Christmas all year round, although Poppet is going through a Barbie phase and may watch the Barbie Christmas at any point on repeat, but generally its just the idea of being kind, forgiving and loving all year round. We are only human though, so swings and roundabouts. If you pop over to our house, after my car has broken down for the fifth time that month, you probably won’t find me very forgiving! 😀

So back to why it is crazy. Well I like to throw a good birthday party, not necessarily expensive and pinterest worthy but a good, well planned party and we love a good theme in this house. Poppet has decided as her birthday is nearish to Halloween, we are having a fifth Halloween Birthday Bash / Monster Mash! I am all kinds of excited!

IMG_7112.jpgI have been on the lookout for decorations, games, costumes and thinking what can I make for this party. I love a good craft, trying something new, getting the creative juices flowing. Biggest problem I face besides time to do this though, I am a serial un-complete person. I have a million projects started or on the go, and they are still on the go. Don’t believe me, I started a cross stitch for when my son was to be born. He turns 7 at Christmas, and its still not complete.


But short term and quick projects I am your girl!

Poppet has already chosen her outfit, mask, makeup, kitchen sink…. My little monkey on the other hand has a serious case of fickleness (it runs in my side of the family – I can never make my mind up). He wants to be a transformer, or a skeleton, or a pokemon, or dobby, or voltron, or…. the list could go on!

IMG_7134.jpgHere he is trying on a witches hat, he doesn’t want to be a witch, and I can never get him to keep a hat on but what do you know, here we are in the fancy dress part of hobby craft and he wants to try everything on. Funny that!

We have a few weeks to decide and get everything prepared. My next few posts will probably be crazy ramblings about the price of eye balls, and how to get bats to fly from the ceiling, but don’t worry, even though I am a massive fan of Harry Potter, I haven’t gone crazy or worse started brewing potions in my dining room, its just party planning.

Or if I get chance, we have had some amazing day trips/ weekend fun the last few weeks, for all those parents looking for ideas or like to read about other families nightmares and daydreams, then keep an eye for that too.

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